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    Traditional braces at early age

    My child is in fifth grade. From childhood onwards, she was upset because of the shape of her teeth. All her teeth were misplaced. All her friends in school call her devil face because of those teeth. So my friend suggested me to take her to general dentistry in Brampton( https://www.lakeridgedental.ca/ ). She told they will suggest us to wear braces. Are braces advisable at this small age? Will this braces create trouble while taking? Will this braces cause discomfort for chewing and eating? Is this procedure expensive? Will there be any problem using these metal braces, like an allergy or something like that?
    Please share your valuable knowledge on these.
    Thanks in advance!


  • 11 months ago

    RE: Traditional braces at early age

    The braces will straighten the teeth and it will be removed after her teeth become straight. There is no issue with chewing. But some foods can stick to the braces like gum. But I think her braces plan will depend by age. But other than that, braces will make her teeth look nice when the braces get removed.
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    RE: Traditional braces at early age

    Guys, teeth health matters a lot! After reading this article https://www.healthpally.com/invisalign-teeth-straightening/ I'm afraid to think how I used to live with such teeth, because uneven teeth then lead to unpleasant consequences. Very soon I think to go to the dentist, in order to know what to do next. Furthermore, I will ask him if it will be possible to strengthen the teeth with "Invisalign Straightening", because it seemed to be cheap and reliable procedure.
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        brainstorm21, didn't you know about this??? It's very important to care about teeth health