• 8 months ago

    Scared - Throat Cancer? Paritonsillar Absess?

    I have a long history of bronchitis, tonsillitis, strep and so on since I was young. I am 23 now. About a year ago I had one of my worse bouts with strep. I noticed my left tonsil was more inflamed than my right at the time. The ENT I saw was pretty dismissive of it. The pain went away so I stopped checking the tonsil node for its size.A few months ago I began having dry mouth and ear pressure. I assumed this was due to not enough liquids, and tinnitus (I am a drummer).About two weeks ago I felt under my jaw and noticed my left tonsil node was as inflamed as much or moreso than it was during my last infection. No pain this time though. I saw that my tonsils had crater-looking sores with white spots in the middle. The doctor saw them and gave me antibiotics and tested me. I came up positive for Herpes type 1. When I went to a specialist he seemed to not be very worried either and said to just come back to see him.About 2 week's later after taking loads of antibiotics I've noticed what appears to me ulcers in the back of my throat. The white spots on my tonsils are gone but the craters remain and my right node is less inflamed but my left node is just as inflamed as when I started. I hadn't noticed the ulcers before and it appeared the doctor hadn't, or he thought it wasn't worth mentioning.I have an appointment scheduled for Monday but I wanted to know if anyone had any insight.I'm very scared this is throat cancer. I smoke and drink but now have stopped as I've been terrified. Other symptoms include ear pain in my left ear (same side of the much larger tonsil), and a headache in the lower back of my skull on the same side.