• 9 months ago

    Oral Herpes or nothing?

    I was on vacation this past weekend, with heavy drinking involved all 3 nights. Night 1, I kissed someone on the dance floor briefly a couple of times, probably no more than 2-3 seconds each time. I did not notice any visible sores or marks on her lips or feel anything when I kissed her. 4 days later, here are my symptoms -

    1. Small canker sore on the inside of my upper lip. I have had cankers my whole life and get them often after a long weekend of drinking without much sleep. I am 95% sure this is a canker sore, it's definitely inside the lip saliva line and resembles ones I've had in the past.

    2. When I was pulling my lip back to see if it was one forming, I noticed a bunch of white spots/bumps inside my lip and all along my saliva line. They stretch the entire length of my upper lip. They are definitely INSIDE my lip and inside the saliva line. You cannot see them from the outside, nor can you see them when I pucker my lips or smile or anything. You can only see them if I flip up my upper lip and stretch it with my fingers. I can barely feel them with my tongue if I try, and they are painless.

    3. I have nothing on my bottom lip. I have nothing outside on my lips or face. I feel fine, no other symptoms. No pain, no burning, no tingling. Only the very minor feeling from the small canker sore, which doesn't appear to be growing. While I have gotten cankers my whole life, I have never had a cold sore.

    Do I have oral herpes/HSV1, Fordyce spots I have inflamed by the excess alcohol, dehydration, and sun, or nothing at all? In a relationship, made a dumb mistake by kissing this girl a couple of times, and hoping this is nothing.


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Oral Herpes or nothing?

    Doesn't sound like cold sores to me. If you're really worried I go see your doctor. They should be able to tell pretty quickly if it's a cold sore or not.
      • 9 months ago
        Can or would oral HSV form inside the mouth? I've read/heard that herpes is 'outside' the body, and oral herpes would be on the outer lips. I have nothing so far on the outside. If I make it through the next week or so, am I likely in the clear for this specific incident? Just kind of freaking out, hopefully for no reason.
      • 8 months ago
        I think it can occur inside your mouth although all the examples of cold sores I've seen are outside the mouth near the lips. Chances are you don't have oral herpes. You said you have a history of canker sores and that this looks similar to what you've had in the past. I think that your anxiety is probably getting the better of you. If you're losing sleep over it or just for your own peace of mind get it looked at by your doctor.
      • 8 months ago
        I'm nearly 40 days post exposure and no cold sores. Am I in the clear for HSV1? I've never had a cold sore in my life.