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    Pulsating “bump” below skin on Facial Artery on cheek about an inch from my mouth

    So I have noticed a bump below the skin for about a year now. It is soft to the touch and not discolored. I can only see it in certain lighting but recently within the past month I have noticed it is pulsing with my heartbeat. I have felt my facial artery and followed it from the mandible and it feels larger on my left than on my right. I have gone to the dermatologist and they said they had never seen anything like that before. I then went to an oral surgeon who suggested I go and get an angiogram CT for the possibility it is a facial AVM. I have been worried about that possibility non stop and I wanted to post this because I have seen other people online post about similar pulsating bumps under the skin about the size of a pea near their mouths and I wanted to start this new thread because all the old ones were closed and didn’t allow me to post or comment. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation and if it was an AVM or if it was just that their facial artery was large and close to the surface in a particular area. I am a male and 21 years old so for it to be a facial AVM I feel that I would be diagnosed pretty late considering most AVM’s are formed around birth. I am looking to see if anyone could offer another possible theory on what it is and/or find people with the same condition so I can let you know what the results of my CT angiogram says because no one seems to know what is going on with this pulsing in my face. I am getting the CT next Friday so I will come back and post my results but in the meantime if anyone thinks they might have an alternate hypothesis please let me know and if you have this same issue, what did you find out.


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    RE: Pulsating “bump” below skin on Facial Artery on cheek about an inch from my mouth

    Hey, what happened? I’m 21 and have started to feel this bump too
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        Ok so I went to a vein specialist who looked at it with an ultrasound. He said the blood flow in it was completely normal and it didn’t look like an AVM. He said it looked like my facial artery came up closer to the surface and made a loop. He said that’s why I could see the pulse under the skin. Apparently it’s not that uncommon but for someone like me without a lot of fat on my face to disguise it I could see it. I looked up online about facial artery ligation and there are some plastic surgeons who have done things that can reduce how much you can see it. Don’t freak out like I did thinking I had an AVM. They’re super rare I’d suggest going to a vein specialist and having them do an ultrasound. Let me know if you need anything else. I was super frustrated when I was looking up things about this because there’s nothing out there.
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        I am 21 as well and have the EXACT same thing on the left side of my face about an inch away from my mouth.. it has been worrying the heck out of me! Can you email me at [email protected] please? I just want to ask you some more questions, thanks!!