• over 1 year ago

    White Spots on tonsils that wont go away for about 4-5 months

    Hello, I have been having a White Spots that looks like little spots on my tonsils that wont go away. Actually they go away but not all spots like 1 or 2 still leaves there and then after few days or week there is again like 10+ white spots. In those last months when i noticed this i have been sick with Bronchitis and Sinusitis also, As i went to my doctor and he told that it's probably because of the Bronchitis that i had before as it might lover imune system, but well it's already so much time passed and the white spots still are there. I also have been taking some Vitamins specially for immune system for about 2 months.
    I don't get any pain,sore throat or fever, Only thing is that my tonsils are swollen and whit those white spots and it feels a little like something would be stuck inside there when i swallow that's all,Also my tongue sometimes looks a little grey and covered with somekind of muscus, and sometimes i don't fell exact smell trough nose and nose get's a little bit stuffed. Also i don't know if this is because of this but for the last months i have Diarrhea but it's not like usual diarrhea, it's only like very fluidity stool.
    I have been tested on Blood test and there was nothing bad found.
    What this could be ?
    Could this be because of stress?
    As this is really annoying and i don't know what this might be, can somebody help with this please?