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  • 21 days ago

    Pulsating “bump” below skin on Facial Artery on cheek about an inch from my mouth

    So I have noticed a bump below the skin for about a year now. It is soft to the touch and not discolored. I can only see it in certain lighting but recently within the past month I have noticed it is pulsing with my heartbeat. I have felt my facial artery and followed it from the mandible and it feels larger on my left than on my right. I have gone to the dermatologist and they said they had never seen anything like that before. I then went to an oral surgeon who suggested I go and get an angiogram....
  • 2 months ago

    morning breath making me sick

    so I have a very touchy gag reflex, but immediately upon opening my eyes after sleeping I have to brush my teeth or I gag. I have to most mornings choose whether to go to the bathroom or brush first because its apparently a huge decision. This has been a huge issue for me for probably the last 15-20 years. I don't remember it being like this when I was younger, but since I've been in my early to mid 20's its been really rough. If I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom....
  • 2 months ago

    When are dental crowns necessary?

    I'm 62 and have fairly good teeth. I've gone to the dentist my entire life. Recently, a new dentist wants to remove my large old fillings and place crowns on. He claims that the edges of the fillings are receding and the filling is not sealed tightly. I can understand having the crowns if the filling is broken or the tooth is cracked. I'm all for saving my teeth. However, if I'm not having pain, and the filling is secure is this expense really necessary?
  • 2 months ago

    sores from electric toothbrush?

    I have been getting sores just inside my lips and on the sides of my tongue, I think they are from the back side of the electric toothbrush. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • 2 months ago

    Hurts to eat and drink

    For the past week the roof of my mouth has been swollen and red it feels like it is on fire anytime I try to eat or drink anything even water it burns I'm in pain to where I wake up in the middle of the night with it my last dental checkup was less than a year ago with a cleaning and x-rays I don't know if I should go to a dentist or a doctor I am uninsured so I do not want to waste money going to the wrong professional
  • 2 months ago

    Mouth and Throat Problem 3-4 months - Dentist and Doctors not figured it out yet.

    So a while back my girlfriend commented that i had bad breath, never a great thing to hear, i had a bit of a metallic/stale taste in my mouth and my teeth feel gritty. (Been to the dentist though and my oral hygiene is fine, always get compliments on how well i look after my teeth so it is really annoying that i now have this problem with no obvious solution currently) Constant Symptoms Bad Breath Mild Burning Mouth Syndrome - My tongue always feels slightly burnt affects my taste. Green/Yellow Mucus....
  • 2 months ago

    Tongue Bite

    I bit my tongue really hard about a couple of weeks ago, and now I have a sore whitish blister on the end of my tongue.Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this,and if so how long does it take to go away?
  • 2 months ago

    Orange plaque (not tarter)

    When my daughter gets plaque on her teeth towards the end of the day it is really orange. I can't find any information anywhere about that. Also, It brushes away. Any ideas what the deal is? When she was younger it looked really gray
  • 3 months ago

    braces and florid cemento-osseous dysplasia

    Can someone with florid cemento-osseous dysplasia get braces? even if it involves extraction of a couple of teeth first?
  • 3 months ago

    Cut my gums exposing tooth root

    I recently cut my gums and just noticed that it has exposed the root of my tooth. I’m not experiencing any pain or discomfort but am wondering if my gums will heal over the exposed spot on their own or if this is something I will need to get taken care of. The spot is relativity small about 2mm in diameter near the base of of my tooth so if I can avoid a procedure I would prefer to let it heal on its own. Thanks!