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  • Can a Dental abscess be pushed to the roof of the mouth by force?

    Okay so I have been dealing with a very very painful abscess and tooth (Top left next to fully a grown wisdom tooth that also has issues) since Saturday morning And the tooth that is infected is also taller then my other teeth due to my last dentist not testing the bite properly. I have been put on Amoxicillin, Ibuprofen and Tylenol 3. Last night I felt like the pain was finally feeling a bit better till I ended up accidentally biting down extremely hard on the infected tooth while eating. Shortly....
  • 3 days ago


    not sure if this is the right area. i'm a 48 yo woman who is now unable to open my jaw more than a half an inch to an inch. this started in april when my jaw completely locked up on me. when my jaw completely locked up i went to urgent care and was given predinisone and ultram. problem solved....or so i thought. after a few weeks of being off the predinisone, i started having to force my jaw to pop open on the right side. i went and saw my PCP, who decided because i "occasionally" grind....
  • 8 days ago

    Horrendous breath after eating ice cream

    Hello. Starting a few years ago I noticed that on occasion my husband would smell so bad that it'd make me gag. Not body was coming from his mouth. But it would infuse his body and the whole house. I'd come home and the house would smell terrible. It'd last a few days then be gone. I've been paying close attention to when it happens and it seems to be dairy related. He had a bowl of ice cream last night and the smell was almost immediate. Now, 24 hours later, it's just....
  • 10 days ago

    Morning mucus mouth

    I'm a very fit and healthy 25 year old and as long as I can remember, I have waken up in the morning with my lips/mouth as dry as can be and covered in mucus. It generally covers my tongue and roof of my mouth. I have lived in humid, high allergy cities and very dry non allergy cities and nothing seems to change in regards to this problem.
  • 16 days ago


    I have a question, I had an addiction of biting ulcers and one of them hasnt dissapear in like 1 year. I doubt its mouth cancer cuz if i bite it it grows bigger but if i leave it it shrinks but it wont dissapear.
  • 16 days ago

    Immune response after dental graft for implant?

    About a month ago I had a broken tooth (already had root canal/crown previously due to injury) extracted and they did a bone graft with cadaver bone to build up in preparation for an implant. The next day I had a full body rash that we assumed was a reaction to the antibiotic, which I never reacted to before, but these things happen. Switched to another antibiotic, 6 days later, hives all over. Stopped all antibiotic, as they were preventative, and I could see that this was probably my immune system....
  • 19 days ago

    Unable to open my mouth after wisdom teeth removal?

    I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed a week ago and they have healed well I believe with no issues. Since the surgery, though, I haven't been able to open my mouth more than to barely fit two fingers in. The spot where my jaw stops opening is a spot where it's always popped, but without issue or pain. Now I can't even have a fork-full of food or yawn without extreme pain. The swelling has gone down from my surgery so I'm wondering if something is out of place in my mouth?
  • 21 days ago

    Am I being reasonable in deciding to have an extraction instead of root canal?

    My dentist told me I need a root canal, since my wisdom tooth grew into one of my teeth. After being told this I did some research on root canals. Based on this information, I think it would be reasonable for me to opt for an extraction instead of a root canal. Using only American Endodontics Association, American Dental Association studies, and other pubmed studies, I learned the following: -Root canal teeth, even when done correctly, have higher endotoxin levels than teeth with vital pulps. The....
  • 22 days ago

    strange grooves?

    strange grooves on the top 2 front teeth and don't know what it is. I've noticed them for a while but never thought much of it. Wondering if anyone can tell me what they are or what caused them.

  • 22 days ago

    Wisdom teeth out

    I got all four of my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning and my bleeding stopped last night and I'm in little pain and only uncomfortable. I don't live it the state I got my wisdom teeth out I live three and a half hours ago in another state. My oral surgeon said to say a week but I don't have the time to say a week. I was thinking about going home Saturday or Sunday. Do you think I would be okay if I went home? I am on anabolics which I take as proscribed and I take pain killers when....