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  • 3 days ago

    Bleeding gums

    My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. This is fairly normal for me, as I have gingivitis. What concerns me is that lately, the blood that comes out is closer to a brown color than just regular red. This only started happening maybe a week ago. Should I be concerned about the odd coloration?
  • Recommendations on orthognathic surgeons (Santa Cruz/San Jose)

    First off, can anyone recommend any targeted local medical forums? I realize that probably not that many people who read this are near Santa Cruz. And yes I did try webMD's doctor search engine, and it was not at all helpful. When I got my braces put on, my orthodontist said that once my teeth are straight, I should get jaw surgery. That was about two years ago and my teeth are straight now and I'm ready for the surgery, but I'm having a very difficult time finding someone who can perform....
  • 29 days ago

    Injury/Wound under tongue.

    I was recently in a small fight and I had I had to bite my attackers fingers which were in my mouth. Since them i have a contusion stretching along the bottom of my mouth under what I think is the frenulum. I couldn’t eat the night it happened but it’s been about 2 days and it is feeling better, but i’m afraid it might be infected or not healing well. It’s almost like a slice into the base of my tongue. My throat is also becoming sore, although i don’t know if it is related. I have pictures if needed....
  • 1 month ago

    Crack in tooth- I’m scared

    Hello- I felt something weird in my tooth and noticed that part of it was moved away from the old filling. I was able to gently push it back. Went to my dentist and they said I need at least a crown and might need it pulled out!!!! How can I tell from the X-ray if the crack is into the bone... I’m soo upset and they can’t see me until next week to look for sure!!!
  • 1 month ago

    Fluoride the "poison "

    Check out the "truth" about the use of fluoride in you toothpaste (and your water, etc.) at
  • 1 month ago

    4 weeks after metronidazole weird taste in my mouth

    [Tongue]( ) I am 22 years old, male, 5’10, 166, African American, 4 week issue. Hello i was given this medicine by an idiot nurse practitioner advised by a doctor because i thought my urine smelled weird and all of my samples were negative for bacteria or any std. Now after 4 weeks i have a terrible taste in my mouth that will not go away. I went to urgent care 2 weeks ago and showed them my mouth and an assistant doctor said it wasn’t thrush. Don’t know what’s wrong with....
  • 1 month ago

    Sore skin inside mouth

    Right so about 2 months ago maybe more, I burnt my mouth on the inside; behind the left cheek. It kind of healed but then more recently (4 weeks ago) my mouth became very sore and I had a cut that was almost kind of yellow inside. I went to the doctor last Saturday and he prescribed some antibiotics. I finished these last night and noticed an improvement however, since coming back from work today I've noticed my mouth feels sore again. I've attached pictures here;
  • 1 month ago

    Gum Pain and Jaw Soreness

    I don't remember what day this started happening. It was either on Friday before my doctor's appointment or afterwards. I'm not sure. I also got a tetanus shot on the same day I had my appointment. Anyways, since then, the gums on the upper right side of my mouth hurt where I had my wisdom teeth out almost 5 years ago and my jaw on the right side feels a little swollen. It doesn't look swollen, but I feel something and it hurts a little bit. I just don't know if I should go to....
  • 2 months ago


    (Warning: gross asf) Since before i was even a teenager I've had the issue of holding saliva in my mouth. It usually happens when I wake up. I'll barley be awake and the saliva in my mouth has this gross taste to it and theres an excessive amount. And Idk why but i just like collect it in my mouth so it doesn't go anywhere And then spit it out when I get up and along with that I have to cough up mucus in the morning too. This has been my morning routine for years and its miserable. Im....
  • 2 months ago

    Red bumps on tip of tongue

    Hi all, I have red bumps close to the tip of my tongue as well as up the sides going to the back. The are mostly red, but one or two have a white top to them and are pointy. I have tested for all STDs and come back negative, as well as a oral rinse test for HPV which was negative as well. I also have a burning sensation on my tongue.