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  • 5 days ago

    Hearing Loss & MS

    Does anyone know what type of hearing loss MS causes ?and if it is treatable, or can be corrected?
  • 5 days ago

    Maybe MS?

    I have been telling my doctor for a couple of years now my weird symptoms and have slowly eliminated things like b12 deficiency, anemia, diabetes etc. I did the symptom checker on Web md today and WOW! MS sure seems to have all of them. So, what doctor should I see first to get a diagnosis? I have high deductible insurance and letting my doctor guess, sending me for useless and expensive tests is killing my bank account. I would prefer to go directly to whatever doctor that has experience in things....
  • 16 days ago

    MS worsening ?

    Hello. My name is Amber Stanley and my father was diagnosed with progressive MS when he was 30. He is now 55 and in a wheelchair. He can no longer walk. Today I noticed something really odd. My father was trying to pay a bill online and he wasn’t comprehending that the amount was 225$. He seemed very confused and I kept asking if he was ok, and he kept responding with the same answer “I can’t comprehend this”. He said his fingers wouldn’t let him type but I watched him type in the amount. My brother....
  • 30 days ago

    Weird heavy sensation whenever I look up.

    I have had MS for a little over a year now, and its been going fine; however, right now I'm getting a very heavy feeling in my head whenever I look up. Its almost unbearable. It happens when I am laying down on my back looking toward the ceiling too. This has been happening for over a week, so I did make an appointment with a doctor. I just want to know what this might be. Its crazy worrying me.
  • 1 month ago

    We don't know what is wrong.

    Over a year and a half ago my father went to the ER 4 times in a week because he though he was dying. At first he thought it was a heart attack, then a stroke, the he was just dying in general. Through all of those hospital trips, the doctors didn't find anything wrong with him, not one thing. All tests came back negative, but his symptoms continue. He was even sent to Mayo Clinic for some time a year ago where they said he had a "brain episode," probably meningitis, and said he would....
  • 1 month ago

    Can anyone relate?

    I am 33 yrs old. My body is getting worse every year (usually around this season). My mom was diagnosed with MS in the 90's but hers is not progressive. I have seen multiple doctors for multiple things and no one knows what's wrong with me. I'm not a hypochondriac and believe that all of these things are related, not separate problems. Everything escalated in 2011 when I was diagnosed with optic neuritis. I had just had my son (4th child) in Sept of 2010 before experiencing a 6 month....
  • 3 months ago

    Strange Sensations

    I began experiencing buzzing in both legs and feet (at different times) 2 years ago. That occurs off and on. I then began experiencing pain in the back of my left thigh between my rear and the back of my knee. That also comes and goes. Sometimes I may not experience that pain for months. It does not feel like muscle pain, I didnt pull anything, no visible brusing or marks, did not sustain any injuries. Recently I experienced hot/cold sensations followed by pins/needles in my right foot that lasted....
  • 3 months ago

    Do you think I have MS?

    I have had 5 or more episodeswithin a week, where I felt this extreme heat wavy through my body, my arm, legs and face became numb and tingly, and my arms and legs where very heavy. It usually last arond 10 minutes and is a very weird uncofortable feeling. Also an episode where my chest had a burning sensation (wasn't a heart attack was in er at the time because of 2-3 of these episodes and they did EKG and it was normal. I also have Graves Disease and have for 10 years. I have constipation,....
  • 4 months ago

    Are these Multiple Sclerosis symptoms?

    Are these Multiple Sclerosis symptoms? I'm hypothyroid patient. For last 8 months I have several issues going on with my health. Started with Itchy rashes on groin area then inflammation of eyes, legs, foot and loose stools.Also muscle pain and painful itchy. Also tingling,needles, pins on the legs and foot.I am seeing several doctor's but no help. Currently Angiotensin-1 converting enzyme (81) and B12(1266) are high . I took B12 vitamins for last couple of months, probably that's the....
  • 5 months ago

    Numbness in hands and feet

    Hello, I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 with numbness in my left arm and left leg. I had not had any noticeable relapses since then. About a week ago, my right foot started to feel numb. Within two days, both hands and the left foot felt the same. Now the soles of my feet are really sensitive. When I make a fist, it feels as if my flesh is being pulled back away from my fingertips. Further, I feel as if there is a tight band around my lower chest area. Is this more likely to be an MS relapse, or an....