• 4 months ago

    I've been having symptoms for 8 months

    I'm 28 years old. I started having pains in my legs and arms 8 years ago but the past 8 months have been unbearable. Extremely excruciating pain. It started again as severe migraines like I've never experienced before. I was at the emergency 4 days in a row hooked up to IV and now its pains in my joints my muscles and extremely bad nerve pain. I suffer everyday my whole body face pains body pain everywhere. I get numbness in my fingers in toes all the time with no feeling. I've been to the hospital and the doctor over and over then yesterday I met with the bone specialist and he said it was fibromyalgia but is sending me for blood work xrays and bone scan.


  • 1 month ago

    RE: I've been having symptoms for 8 months

    See if they can check for also MS, had a lot of the same systems, when I first went into ER, I lost all feelings from waist down, could cut, burn, punch, but felt nothing, had hard time walking when could not feel anything, ER took xrays, mri but they said was pinch sciatic and pushed me out the door with pain medication, I asked them why they gave me pain medication, they said when the feeling comes within a week I would be in alot of pain. Had no feelings for 6 months, Scary when you could not feel going to the bathroom. I had a mini stroke, TIA which I finally was able to get feeling back. The ER screwed up, for I went back into the ER 5 months after I had the TIA thinking it was tendonitis in my arm, pain was so brutal, it took me 5 days of going without sleep do to the pain, of course the same ER took MRI's and admitted me saying I had MS for had many leisons on my spine and brain wow. They knew they misdiagonosed me when I went in prior. I was not born with it, from what I have been searching and speaking with many doctors, MS can hereditay, trama, or chemicals. Mine was from a trama (chemicals). I was treated with many medications when I was hurt at an amusement park. I also read certain birth control pills women have been taking are now showing positive for MS. If you do get tested for it,BE very informative of everything medication they want to put you on, Many of the medications causes MANY more problems, the 1st fine a Doctor who does not push MS medication without getting all facts and work with you as well as listen to all concerns regarding your investigation prior to committing. Foolish me, did no fact finding and this Dr ignored his requirement of what needs to be done prior to giving this medication. I now have another non curable disease that I have to deal with. If prescribed Tecfidara, you have to have blood work done to test for certain antibodies. If you tested positive for this antibody, DO NOT TAKE this medication for it causes the J C Virus, there is NO Cure. This weakens your immune system. If you seach, it shows 73% of the world has this antibody. Just Be Extremely careful when Doctors have you try different medications. Taking what they say especially when you have to be on something for long periods of time causes many serious medical problems.