• 2 months ago

    Constant nerve burning 24/7

    I have MS,fibromyalgia,dibetes, chronic pain that is always a 10 on the pain scale & I'm on pain management but it doesn't control my pain !! digestive issues,remittances pancreatitis, have tried just about everything/medications,vitamin supplements,CBS like ) constant nerve burning spreading from my chest,breast, (stomach not from gastric reflux ! spine, both sides,thighs,, hip, neck, just about all over my entire body except my feet ! feels like I'm burning inside out ,my diabetes is under control ! Constant headaches,ringing ears, don't know what else to try ? But wondering if nerve blocks in my spine,neck would help my constant burning pain ?? Thank you for any suggestions that could possibly help my nerve burning ? I have lost about 60 lbs in the last 2 month's because I cannot eat anything but popsicles !!