• 9 months ago

    Constant Left Arm Pain - M.S. starting?

    About 4 months ago I started getting pains in my left arm. Original starting spot was Elbow area only. Then it expanding to about 3" below the Elbow but, not always both directions sometimes just one. Now periodically pain will go to ends of my fingers and/or top of my shoulder.

    The pain area changes as well as the pain severity frequently but the area that is constant, literally daily, is upper/outer elbow down about 3" to upper/outer forearm. Since it was changing frequently I kept telling myself it's a severely pulled muscle or nerve just needing to work itself out so I've never been to see the Dr.

    However, about 1-2 months ago the pain severity has become so excruciating that I literally cannot pick anything that weighs more than about a pound. The pain was originally just annoying and a step above uncomfortable...now it's always pretty much unbearable throbbing with occasional stabbing.

    After the 1st month I started laying on my left side with arm straight out and on top of my heating pad. Felt like it was providing relief but after a while not so much. So, I started wrapping heating pad around my arm, securing with an ace bandage but is almost hurting more.

    I've been getting periodic stabbing and throbbing pains through both legs, and upper shoulders for about a year but my arm pain came on so quickly and intensely that I gave in and made a Dr appointment last week but it's not until week after next. I'm starting to worry now so does any have any ideas, suggestions, comments...anything?

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this 'novel' but don't see the point in giving in and asking for help/opinions if you don't share it all


  • 7 months ago

    RE: Constant Left Arm Pain - M.S. starting?

    Hello I have had MS for years. While every person is different most if not all cases are diagnosed with a brain MRI. They will check for white spots which are called lesions. A radiologist will determine if you have it by looking at MRI of brain neck and spine with and without contrast. You must push for the MRI as they will send you to every other place first. Took me over 5 years. I should have just paid cash because it would have been worth the piece of mind. Hope that helps. Good luck.