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    Numbness, No reflex +

    Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here, or even online at all really... But I will appologise for how long this might be before hand.

    I am a 23yo, female.
    Had a Microdiscectomy and Laminectomy when I was 18 and recovered with no deficits whatsoever.

    Around April last year (2018) so started to get a few symptoms of sciatica and some numbness of the outside of my left foot. I saw my doctor and had a scan. It's showed a small protrusion, and bone spurs. I was referred back to my neurosurgeon and whilst waiting I started to lose the function of my left foot.
    When I arrived to see my Neurosurgeon, he admitted me straight away for further testing.
    I had nerve conduction study which showed damage/not a lot of capacity and some radiculopathy of course. But Neurology and neurosurgery said that the protrusion didn't explain the loss of function in that area and that my reflex was diminished but they would operate again. So last year around October, I had surgery again to fix the protrusion (l5.s1) as that was the only possibility causing the numbness and reduced function... or so we thought.

    Moving on, after the surgery... I seemed to just slowly get worse. The numbness has spread to my knee now, only leaving the inside of my leg with some feeling.
    My Achilles reflex is completely absent, and I have a dropped foot and issues controlling my leg.
    I returned back to my Neurosurgeon after 6 weeks and he said my lumbar MRI looked normal now and he couldn't understand why my function wasn't improving. He said he was sorry and that he thinks I may have a neurological disorder, or possibly a single tumor causing the problems. We went through some other symptoms that I've had (you know... Those ones that come and go that you don't usually link together) such as numbness in one finger, Numbness at the back of my arm. Weak grip, short headaches, visual problems when I stare at the floor, pain in my back when I put my chin to my chest, and a heap of memory issues (I had electroconvulsive therapy for depression about 4 months before my leg symptoms started and we had attributed the memory loss to this)
    And twitching muscles every day. The surgeon just threw MS om the table...

    I am just confused as surely if I had MS, the surgeon would at least be able to see lesions in the lumbar part of my spine (where I have had a few MRIs)
    If they are just in my brain, would that cause the leg problems? Can they be microscopic and cause problems? I didn't get to ask questions as I took up so much time, and had to leave.

    I am waiting to see my Neurosurgeon once more after I have a nerve conduction study with neurologist coming up and see them too of course (I'm in a really long waiting public system and live 7 hour drive away from the nearest proper hospital)
    I'm trying not to worry myself... and what will be will be. I guess I am just curious. Surely lesions should have shown up if it's MS?


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    RE: Numbness, No reflex +

    OP here, just wanted to add in the last week... I have been getting burning skin in the parts are aren't numb, especially the inside/top of my bad foot. When I touch it though, it's not painful or hot. Just a prickling heat sensation.