• 6 months ago

    Could this be MS?

    Hello, I am a 20 year old female. I have noticed some symptoms I have never experienced before. I would like some advice before I go to my doctor. I have been experiencing shaking in my arms and hands. It is worse on my left side. My left arm and hand also hurts. I was doing my hair today and noticed the left of my neck was burning. I have had headaches bad. I have been having difficulty going up and down stairs because my legs are so weak and it feels like they won't be able to carry me. I notice this even when I am walking normally. I have been dropping things and bumping into things which is not like me at all. When I bend down my legs burn. I can't stand for long because my knees begin to hurt. I am constantly shaking my legs. They don't hurt I just do it. I have had a sharp stabbing pain in the middle of my chest and upper back. Can anyone else relate? Anything would be helpful. I just want answers.


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Could this be MS?

    elizabethpbrock, several medical conditions can cause the symptoms you've described including vitamin/mineral deficiencies, diabetes, and a host of others ranging from mild to serious (including MS). I hope your medical team can solve the problem very soon. If you do receive an MS diagnosis, please know that WebMD provides support and information about the disease and its treatments. Lots of other health sites and support communities devoted to MS exist as well. Please give us an update when you know more. Take care. --Kim