• 10 months ago

    Resurgence of Symptoms

    About 6 years ago (I am 29 now) I went to the doctor with numbness and tingling in my left arm and leg as well as back pain. I was referred to a neurologist and after a battery of tests, I was sent for an MRI. The neuro said there were lesions present but not enough to diagnose. He said that it was more than likely stress. At the time that was ok with me because I was in the process of leaving a highly stressful job.
    Fast forward to today I have had symptoms on and off since the initial MRI but now when they show up they are much stronger. My anti-inflammatories are wearing off even though I'm taking the full dose. I'm seeing some minor memory issues, fatigue (I have 0 energy for my 2 year old), and numbness in my fingers at night.
    I have put off calling the doctor but I think it is time. I have a feeling deep down this is what's going on.
    My question is...are my symptoms typical? Are others experiencing similar? Am I crazy for thinking this?


  • 10 months ago

    RE: Resurgence of Symptoms

    Hi - I not a doctor, just a person who's had similar symptoms. It's been 5 years since I first started having symptoms and I have a 5 year old daughter. My doctor chalks it all up to "motherhood". As my symptoms have not changed in this time - I'm inclined to believe it. When my daughter was about 6 months old I started having memory issues and numbness in toes and fingers. Perhaps the memory is related to sleep changes (had another child shortly after) and the numbness due to the constant holding and carrying of children? You know, the way you realign your body to pick them up? Just a thought since you have a young child...