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    Good afternoon, i have been really sick for tge last 7 months now,, i suffered from alot of attacks like vision problems, walking problems, tingling and weakness and nausea,, my brain mri showed 2 small lesions but all the other tests was normal.. My problem is that my neurologist said my symptoms are more than what he sees on the mri so he won't diagnose me now and he wait and see as it might be mild brain inflammation that will go on its own... He asked me to wait 4 months and repeat the mri if it's the same will still wait until any changes happens... My question now can the inflammation go without medication? Can ms attacks come and goes without taking medication? I am afraid to wait and end up with critical case while I can save my case early and not live this suffer


  • 4 days ago

    RE: MS

    Hi. I have MS myself. Thirteen years ago, a spinal tap was performed to find out for sure if I had it. Perhaps if u suggest that, he/she will be more inclined to diagnose you. Just a thought.