• 8 months ago

    What to use to treat loss of energy?

    My aunt has had MS for about 20 years now. She has been treated here in the US and also in Europe. Unfortunately, her MS escalated rather quickly. She's been in a wheel chair for about 10+ years now. She asked me what kind of medicine she could use to help her energy level. She sits or lays down most of the time, so its difficult for her to gain energy. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on this topic. Thank you for your help. JP


  • 7 months ago

    RE: What to use to treat loss of energy?

    Hi there. Thank you for confiding in this board. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Since it's always possible for two or more medicines to interact, it's best to get advice and suggestions about medicine directly from a doctor.

    Here are some tips for controlling MS-related fatigue: http://wb.md/2o7nuaQ. The article says that although fatigue is a common and often expected symptom of MS, there are times when fatigue may be a clue to some other underlying medical problem. Other times, there may be medical interventions that can prevent fatigue.

    Please let us know how your aunt is doing once you've talked to a doctor.