• 8 months ago

    I just started taking Ampyra and need some advice

    I'm a MS newbie, diagnosed in December of 2015. This first year and the couple of years leading up to my diagnosis have been more than a little challenging but I'm starting to get my bearings.

    One of my major symptoms is impaired walking. I can walk without assistance (for now) but sometimes my legs just don't feel like legs. I can't walk far, I can't walk straight, I can't walk very fast and sometimes it's hard to walk at all. I travel for my job and this presents the obvious issues.

    I recently started taking Ampyra and it seems to be working. My MS specialist told me it works for about 30% of people taking it so I wasn't initially super optimistic but lo and behold, it seems to help me walk notably better but I have some questions that I'd love some perspective on...

    I take two pills a day approx twelve hours apart. I wonder, though, why I take a pill that helps me walk just before I got to bed and will not be walking very much. Would it make more sense if I took my second dose earlier in the day?

    I'm curious if the mechanism 'wears off' (hence the every twelve hours you need your refill) or if this is the kind of drug that builds up and works better over time.

    Any thoughts? The drug is super pricey and I'd love it if one pill during the day while I'm working and moving around more would save me some money. However, I'm happy to pay the price to take as instructed for this amazing benefit.

    Appreciate any perspectives. Thanks!