• Is this possibly not MS-related?

    I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in 2015. Then, I was diagnosed with RRMS the same year. I was told that I no longer have CTS anymore, and my orthopedic specialist thinks it's MS causing the issue. However, my neurologist isn't sure that It's MS-related. I have been on Tecfidera since June 2016.

    I received a steroid shot in my hand, and it only made it worse. Many medications have not helped either.

    This is what my hand feels like:
    As if I sat on my hand.
    Extreme numbness that goes up to my arm and neck.
    My hand locks up if I try to grab or open something.
    My hand bends, and will not stay straight.
    As if I have a large ring in the center of my palm,
    and pulleys in my fingers.
    It feels as if rubber bands are cutting off my circulation.
    Pain, pins and needles, soreness.
    Heat makes it unbearable to move and drive.
    Loss of sensation.
    Extreme heaviness (as if there's a bowling bowl inside my hand).

    I had to resign from my job because of this. I can't drive much. My hand goes into flareup mode from humid weather. I use a typing aide because I can't feel the keys.

    Any insight would be appreciated.
    Thank you.


  • RE: Is this possibly not MS-related?

    That sounds incredibly uncomfortable, I'm sorry to hear you are going through this! Have you doctors done any tests such as an EMG (nerve conduction study), or an MRI of your cervical spine since your symptoms started?
      • I had brain and cervical spine MRIs and evoked potentials done recently. I had an EMG 2 years ago. My doctor does not want me to undergo another EMG because I had a flareup due to the pain during the procedure.

        The evoked potentials test showed that there was a blockage from my legs to my brain. There were no signals reaching the brain. Yet, ,my doctor still can't figure out if my symptoms are MS-related. I possibly have never damage, but could that be causing my symptoms?

        My recent MRI showed nothing that indicated a pinched nerve. In 2015, my orthopedic specialist thought it was possibly a pinched nerve, so MS was an incidental finding. However, I had suspected that I had MS since 2014 because I had severe pain in my legs and trouble walking. Every doctor I had didn't think I had MS, but they refused to give me an MRI, as I requested. They all said it was fibromylagia. From that time (2014), two years had lapsed from my last MRI. So, I just continued to get worse, with no doctors listening to me.
      • That sounds extremely frustrating! Have you been to an MS specialist for another opinion? Sometimes it is very tricky to diagnose MS, and seeing someone with specific expertise can be very helpful.
      • I have also seen an MS specialist, and then he told me to continue seeing my usual neurologist. I may look for another specialist. I had seen another MS specialist before him, but she was very nasty; had no compassion. She was annoyed that I was upset about my diagnosis.
  • 9 months ago

    RE: Is this possibly not MS-related?

    The symptoms you describe match what I experience in one hand, only yours are much more severe. Mine are definitely MS-related. My outer fingers while at rest will curl inward towards the palm. That is from nerve damage. Though I'm not a doctor and can't tell you what's causing your symptoms for certain, worsening from heat and humidity does point to MS too. Not everyone will be helped by medications, but some benefit from physical therapy, doing hand/finger stretches for example. I hope you'll find some relief soon!
      • Yes, it's so much worse with heat and humidity, as well as at night. My hand pain often wakes me up. I feel like there's a flareup occurring in my hand all the time.

        I had 24 sessions of physical therapy, and I didn't find much relief. I also had carpal tunnel surgery last year, but it never helped. I was diagnosed with MS a few months after I had the surgery. My hand was starting to feel better a few months after surgery, but then it got worse again.

        I'm sorry to see that you are experiencing the same symptoms. I hope that you, too, find relief.
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    RE: Is this possibly not MS-related?

    Dear Moon-Screaming,
    I SOappreciate how brave you are to share your symptoms with others so that we may all learn. I too had some scary numbness, weakness and loss of feeling in my hands/arms suddenly while I would be driving.

    It terrified me enough that I had my orthopedic MD do an MRI on my NECK (where many pinched nerves occur).

    Results all looked fine EXCEPT this HUGE blob was all growing INSIDE my neck and seeping in to my chest.

    PLEASE - EVERYONE - insist on getting UltraSounds done of your thyroid along with your annual physicals - AND GET A COPY OF THE RADIOLOGIST REPORT.

    4 of my 5 MD's cc'd on my MRI results, DID NOT READ THEM, but one did and it saved my life.

    Turns out that despite that ALL of my full labs and thyroid panel all showing normal, my thyroid "blew-up" inside of my neck, invaded my spine (had caused the arm/hand issues) and reached my heart.

    THANKFULLY, last year I had a successful 4+ hour major surgery to peel this mass off my spine, heart and vocal cords.

    Hope you get an ultrasound of your thyroid. 80% of all adults -males and females - have growths on their thyroids - and they can cause numbness, strokes (my sister's carotid was cut off by her thyroid), or worse.

    This may be the answer to stopping your discomfort as the thyroid CAN invade the spine.

    Best wishes.
      • Hi Susanapple,
        I'm sorry to hear about this. I hope you are doing okay.

        Thank you for providing this information. I have never had an MRI to check my thyroid. My endocrinologist will probably not authorize different diagnostic tests, other than bloodwork.

        Thanks again.
        Wishing you well.
      • 8 months ago
        Thank you for your well wishes. I am gratefully, feeling much better.
        P.S. Note that an MRI is not needed for the thyroid. ONLY need to get an "INEXPENSIVE" ultrasound to look at your thyroid. MRI - if needed - is a later step.
      • 4 months ago
        To Susanapple, WOW I have never heard of your condition. I too have similar systems as y'all describe, pain numbness in hands, particularly my left hand. Pins and needles feeling, my hand turns red and the veins in my wrist get so swollen. It happens almost every day. I also have difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. I haven't been able to walk normally or climb stairs for several years. I've had 2 MRIs and 2 electrical stimulation tests in my legs. 2 neurologists can't seem to find out what's wrong with me. I have done research on neurological illnesses and suspect I have MS. Now though, after reading your comment about your thyroid, I'm not so sure. How did you finally find a doctor to listen to you and do the tests you needed?