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    wondering if there was malpractice?

    Hello ,
    I'm a male and am 39 years of age . While riding my Bmx bike I flipped it a few times over the handle bars landing on my chest . Fast forward 6 days .....I was couldn't catch my breath for an hour and a half so I went to the hospital . upon a few tests they said that I was suffering from a pulmonary embolism in my left lung . During the x-ray the Dr. stated that I had a shadow in my right lung and wanted to take me for a biopsy the following day . As they did the biopsy (with my left lung having 1000ml of fluid ) the Dr. clipped and artery in my right lung and I spit tons of blood up . After a while I had woke up not knowing what happened . No body told me that I passed away and they had to resuscitate a few times . I was not made aware of this until I was home .
    My question is , should they have done the biopsy on my right lung even though my left was full of fluid ?
    I'm no Dr. but how would I be able to breath if both lungs are full of liquid ? Is this common ?


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    RE: wondering if there was malpractice?

    This sounds like medical malpractice to me. Did you have any long term effect from the doctors actions? If I was you, I'd run it by a medical malpractice attorney like https://toplawyer.law/personal-injury

    They can help you evaluate if you're the victim of medical malpractice and whether you have a claim to make. These kinds of lawyers don't charge anything to analyze your case for you. There is a statute of limitations you have to keep in mind too where you lose the right to pursue a claim if you wait too long.