• 6 months ago

    Maybe MS?

    I have been telling my doctor for a couple of years now my weird symptoms and have slowly eliminated things like b12 deficiency, anemia, diabetes etc. I did the symptom checker on Web md today and WOW! MS sure seems to have all of them.
    So, what doctor should I see first to get a diagnosis? I have high deductible insurance and letting my doctor guess, sending me for useless and expensive tests is killing my bank account. I would prefer to go directly to whatever doctor that has experience in things like MS.


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Maybe MS?

    kateyk13-My symptoms began with blurred and temporary loss of vision-went to my eye doctor and was told no problems. I next experienced swelling/pain in my left ankle-PCP said it was arthritis. Had pain in right shoulder going down my arm with tingling in fingertips-PCP said it must be carpal tunnel and sent me to a neurologist for confirmation. Neurologist did MRI's and a few tests and determined it was MS. Was told the vision problems IS a big deal and needs to be reported ASAP. I would recommend finding a neurologist=personally have had problems finding one familiar with MS but think I have found one after 12 years. I also have to deal with insurance and dr's not being familiar enough with MS. I feel your frustration and wish you the best.
  • 3 months ago

    RE: Maybe MS?

    i was diagnosed by a nuroligist who did a spinal tap right away to diagnose me to save time and money