• 6 months ago

    Strange Sensations

    I began experiencing buzzing in both legs and feet (at different times) 2 years ago. That occurs off and on. I then began experiencing pain in the back of my left thigh between my rear and the back of my knee. That also comes and goes. Sometimes I may not experience that pain for months. It does not feel like muscle pain, I didnt pull anything, no visible brusing or marks, did not sustain any injuries. Recently I experienced hot/cold sensations followed by pins/needles in my right foot that lasted for 20-30 minutes. A week later (last Friday) I experienced severe hot/cold sensation in my right arm from shoulder to hand, lasting 20 minutes. Followed by weakness in that same arm for a few hours. I also experience heat sensations in areas on my legs at different times. I have numbness in both big toes that seems permanent. I also have Raynaud's disease which I feel could be connected. Is this worth getting checked out?