• MS and Alcohol

    I received this question from a user on the old WebMD platform:

    Q: am concerned about the numerous impacts on my health resulting from MS. I know that alcohol is not too good for my health either, so I was wondering, can I drink alcohol if I have MS?

    A: In general having MS doesn't necessarily mean you can't drink alcohol. However, it is very important to talk to your doctor if you are unsure! Alcohol can interact with a number of medications that we take for symptom management, like muscle relaxers, steroids, and pain medication. It can also make some of your symptoms worse because it acts on the central nervous system, so if you have difficulties with speech or balance you may notice that they are worse after drinking. The key is moderation, and because MS affects all of us differently you should focus on doing what's best for you!


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    RE: MS and Alcohol

    Hi Stephanie!

    I saw that question as well. I think it's great that you brought it over to the new message boards because I think that a lot of people with MS are wondering the same thing.

    And like you said, moderation is key!

    If users want to learn more about alcohol consumption when you have MS, please click here: http://wb.md/2bRlE6w .