• 7 months ago

    Are these Multiple Sclerosis symptoms?

    Are these Multiple Sclerosis symptoms?

    I'm hypothyroid patient. For last 8 months I have several issues going on with my health. Started with Itchy rashes on groin area then inflammation of eyes, legs, foot and loose stools.Also muscle pain and painful itchy. Also tingling,needles, pins on the legs and foot.I am seeing several doctor's but no help.

    Currently Angiotensin-1 converting enzyme (81) and B12(1266) are high . I took B12 vitamins for last couple of months, probably that's the reason for B12 increase and not sure what's the reason for enzyme level elevation.

    Brain MRI is normal.Skin biopsy for paresthesia is normal, EMG test is normal.

    Any advice is great and appreciated.