• 24 days ago

    Charcot Marie Tooth unknown progression or abnormality

    I've inherited Charcot Marie Tooth and started getting symptoms at 20 with a normal progression for the following ten years. Within the last five months I've had a sudden spike in symptoms that isn't at the normal rate of CMT progression which I feel is outside CMT conditions and unrelated. Everything has affected the right side of my body. Started with numbing of the right side of my face accompanied by slurred speech, later leading to drooling and difficulty swallowing. I have low mobility and coordination with my right arm and difficulty lifting and moving my right leg. I've had MRI for possible stroke and no evidence of stroke or any nerve pinching. I'm seeing a primary care and Neurologist for help but would like to do some digging of my own but would like some leads to follow if possible. Maybe any others with or familiar with CMT and other conditions that could affect outside of CMT with these symptoms.