• 4 months ago

    how to find an occupational therapist for MS

    My sister has MS, and I have been trying to help find an occupational therapist who can help with fatigue, home adaptation, management of ADLs, etc. I keep hitting a brick wall. She has been to 2 neurologists who both basically said "sure I'll give you a referral for OT if you really want it." They have given no direction on where to find someone. I've tried online searches and called the MS Society. It's pretty hard for her to get out of the house, and I think it would be most helpful if someone could come to the house to see what she is actually dealing with. We live in the Chicagoland area. Can anyone help?


  • 4 months ago

    RE: how to find an occupational therapist for MS

    djamies, I'm sorry you've had so much trouble locating an occupational therapist. It seems strange that a neurologist wouldn't have referrals for OP at their fingertips, it's such a common treatment for us. I did a general search for OTs in the Chicago area. Here are just three among many:

    Athletico Physical Therapy - Lincoln Park East
    Physical Therapy Clinic
    2400 N Sheffield Ave · (773) 281-7991

    Chicago Occupational Therapy
    Occupational Therapist
    1422 W Willow St #100 · (773) 980-0300

    Athletico Physical Therapy - Roscoe Village
    Physical Therapy Clinic
    1746 W Addison St Suite #1 · (773) 770-2000

    Hope this helps. --Kim