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  • 7 days ago

    I think MRI shows MS

    I cannot see my new Neuro for 2 weeks and I has my new MRI yesterday. Trying to decide if I should see if my husband should come with me to the followup. I have had Migraines for 20 years, balance issues to numerous to mention, on and off again Vertigo, Blurred Vision, ringing in ears, painful tingling in both legs/feet. trip over my feet a lot (broke ankle), constipation, incontinence. Symptoms are really bad when it is hot outside. Face goes numb. I gave up seeing Neuro's for the last 5 years....

  • 11 days ago


    I am taking Ocrevus infusions every six months and it's making a noticeable difference. I would definitely recommend it.
  • 14 days ago

    unbearable itching

    I hate to wear clothing especially with seams or tags. I feel like i am being stung, eaten alive and I want to rip my skin off. Does anyone else get this symptom?
  • 17 days ago

    Cannabis friendly ms support group.

    Hello warriors. My name is Sherry. I have MS... I started a cannabis friendly MS support group. Knowledge is power. Please feel free to join my group and share your stories. Love and light to all of you.
  • 24 days ago

    Pain medications

    I have had MS since possibly 45. I am now 63. I have been on ultram for many years and it seems to help keep my mind balance and the pain within reason. My regular doctor of many many yrs has retired and I have been feeling like so bullied taking 2 ultrams a day from 4 doctors. Even my primary care that I have been seeing for over a year is telling me the ultram has to go. She also made me give up the few vicodins I got a month when pain broke through. With all this frustration, I now have anxiety....
  • 24 days ago

    Career and MS

    I am a 21 year old Male who suffers from daily painful attacks in my legs that keep me having issues with walking along with extreme fatigue, blurry vision and numbness on the left side of my body. My job is a team leader for a program called AmeriCorps NCCC FEMA Corps, where I go around helping those recover from disaster. I have 4 subordinates and I live and work with them at all times. But since my symptoms started appearing in October of 2017, roughly about two weeks before my 21st birthday,....
  • 24 days ago


    I am a 23 year old female suffering from chronic leg pain, tingling and reduced sensation. I'm extremely fatigued and feel very weak sometimes. Back in late November I experienced numbness in the right side of my face that subsided in about an hour or 2. I also expirience muscle/limb twitching and jerks on a daily basis. This past friday I experienced another episode of numbness but on the left side of my face and tongue. It is now Monday the 19th of february and I am still experiencing this....
  • 1 month ago

    Naturalpathic treatment for MS

    I've had RRMS for 18 yrs. I have all the same med issues that most people with MS have. I don't do conventional treatment. I've never been on any MS drugs. All my treatment has been Naturalpathic. I do weekly deep tissue massage, acupuncture, use the TENS unit, alternate hot/cold and walk which is the only exercise I can do. I use med Marijuana (CBD) in the form of oil under your tongue & I use a Marijuana pain relief balm that I rub on painful areas which really does take away pain....
  • 1 month ago

    MS support

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2011. I have family support but it's hard to talk to my husband about it. I would like to talk to someone who can understand what I'm going through and not dismiss it. Its hard dealing with this and sometimes I just need someone to talk to that know what I'm going through.
  • 1 month ago


    I was barely treading water with this stupid disease, and then got a terrible case of flu that pushed me beyond coping abilities. I almost Couldn’t care for myself At Times, and I fell into major self pity and a terrible funk- it’s hard to get Help when others are tone deaf and are unable to help. I cannot be only hopeless MS person. I do t want to give up, But it’s tempting. Any tips for surviving as I live this out? Alone. Living alone..thanks