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  • 2 days ago

    Should MS patients continue medication forever?

    Hello, My girlfriend is 23 years old and has been a MS patient for about 10 years. Her first MS attack happened when she was 14. It was in her right eye. The second one happened when she was 20 and it was in her left eye. After the second attack she was prescribed to inject a drug called CinnoVex which Iranian version similar to Avonex. You can find information about CinnoVex in the link below. [] She used....
  • 8 days ago

    It's official, I am not crazy

    It’s official, I am not crazy! I was a member of this board about 5 years ago when I had a bout of optical neuritis and a ton of really weird things going on. I was drifting while I was running and had a bunch of tingly sensations among other things. I went to a neurologist, who basically made me feel like I was a crazy woman approaching perimenopause. I cried. I thought I had the answer to what was going on and my husband even wrote me off as some sort of hypochondriac. Fast forward five years and....
  • Response from Stephanie Butler per reply to her post ??

    How about a reply from Stephanie Butler per her thinking on my explanation concerning my process for re-programming Lingo-1? Does she understand why the clinical trials showed nothing promising? Correlation - A laptop computer running Windows 10 OS to the human brain running CNS proteins OS. Hard drive is the brain itself. Software is chromosomes which carry proteins which make the brain function properly. Chromosomes with deletions, mutations, additions, displacements, - hard drive is bad. Proteins....
  • 10 days ago

    Since 2010

    I get depressed, feel so lonely. It's so hard for people to understand the pain my legs cause, my memory loss, my screwy cognition now, my fatigue.... my feelings go up and down like a lasagna noodle! I try to stay active but I'm only good in the mornings and very early afternoons. Love to read everything I can from others with MS and topics on MS.
  • Stopping MS by re-programming Lingo-1

    Stopping Multiple Sclerosis by re-programming Lingo-1 using Lingo-1 antagonist (opicinumab) time frames, dosage adjustments, Leucine management, as well as glutathione protection. Day 1 - admit patient - 48 hours starvation with only IV fluids and electrolytes, Sunlight. Day 3 - Administer 1st dose opicinumab 30mg/kg IV infusion per 250ml NS over 4 hours. Start patient on 0% Leucine diet. Sunlight. Day 4 - 24 hours post 1st dose administer opicinumab 7.5mg/kg IV infusion per 250ml NS over 4 hours....
  • Webinar on Wellness and MS 1/10/17 at 8pm EST

    The start of a New Year is a great opportunity to reexamine the directions you and your support partner are taking to thrive in your lives with multiple sclerosis. Just like a road trip requires diligent planning and routing, you can best succeed in your journey with MS by “mapping out” a comprehensive wellness plan with the help of your health care team. Join me and Peggy Crawford (a psychologist) on January 10 (8 pm EST) for the free webinar, “GPS For Your MS,” as we discuss tools and techniques....
  • 25 years now feel lost

    Diagnosed 24 years ago same year I graduated from college, and 2.5 years after the birth of my 4th child. My diagnosis came after 5 years of bizarre symptoms, in which my PCP had written me off as crazy. That is a literal term, he once had me committed for 6 days for depression? The psychiatrist said, "I think you need a second opinion". However my husband and I being trusting still waiting it out for 4 more months before diagnosis. However when diagnosis came I was so thankful that I was....
  • Cannabis for MS

    I don't have any answers for Tyler, but his post brings up another question. Since medical cannabis was recently passed in our state, I need to learn something from others. What experience have you had with using it to treat MS? What symptoms is it helpful for, or is it wishful thinking?
  • Groundbreaking Legislation Expected to be Signed into Law

    The 21st Century Cures Act was officially passed today, and will be heading to the President's desk to be signed into law! This legislation will finally create a data collection system to track the incidence and prevalence of MS, provide a huge amount of funding for the NIH and the FDA, and ensure that more people can access complex rehabilitation technology (including power wheelchairs, their accessories, and more). This is truly groundbreaking legislation, and many MS Activists (including myself....
  • Webinar on Sleep and MS TONIGHT!

    Don't forget to join me tonight (12/13) at 8pm EST for a Webinar on how MS affects sleep, and what you can do to get better rest. To register for the Webinar click the link below: