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  • 10 days ago


    Hi there I have been having symptons for a couple of years now and the doctors can't seem to figure out exactly what I have. It first started in 2016 when I got a headache that felt like it was cracking my head open, just after the headache started I battled to look at any lights. This got increasingly worse and I started getting a fever. I was exhausted and could not stay awake. About 3 hours later I went to the doctor. They admitted me into hospital straight away suspecting meningitis. I was....
  • 1 month ago

    My son...

    My son is 20 and he has been experiencing extreme dizziness that never goes away, Its constant. Loss of balance, loss of appetite, fatigue, double and blurred vision, muscle weakness. It has started affecting his personality and making everyday simple task almost un bearable for him. Neurologists say MRI looks normal, ENT has ruled out vertigo. We are feeling defeated and need some answers!
  • 2 months ago

    I need help!

    My daughter Mandy is 38 and has MS now for about 15 years. She needs help and I just don't know where to turn anymore. We live in eastern NC and I am trying to find a good, honest, caring , up to date doctor. I have thought about trying to find a doctor in Duke but don't know where to begin. Greenville has a lot of special clinics but don't know if they have anything for MS. Please, if anyone knows or could refer a good doctor, please let me know. Thank you.
  • 2 months ago

    Constant Left Arm Pain - M.S. starting?

    About 4 months ago I started getting pains in my left arm. Original starting spot was Elbow area only. Then it expanding to about 3" below the Elbow but, not always both directions sometimes just one. Now periodically pain will go to ends of my fingers and/or top of my shoulder. The pain area changes as well as the pain severity frequently but the area that is constant, literally daily, is upper/outer elbow down about 3" to upper/outer forearm. Since it was changing frequently I kept telling....
  • 2 months ago

    Do I need to test for MS

    I was dx with Fibromyalgia several years ago, but now expericing different symptoms like... I tense itching that feels like needle pokes all over my body including head, face, palms of my hands and soles of my feet. A lot of confusion and memory loss. Not even remembering recent conversations Extreme vertigo that makes me stumble and almost passed out that my cardiologist has ruled out as a heart or blood pressure issue issue. Extreme fatigue for days, weeks on end. Periodic and rotating numbness....
  • 2 months ago

    My TM is becoming MS.

    It seems the TM I have had since 2010 is morphing into MS. Apparently this is not uncommon. My hands are becoming shake, coordination is worse, my voice is beginning to quaver and I am even forgetting how to spell. Thoughts? Thanks
  • 2 months ago

    Constant nerve burning 24/7

    I have MS,fibromyalgia,dibetes, chronic pain that is always a 10 on the pain scale & I'm on pain management but it doesn't control my pain !! digestive issues,remittances pancreatitis, have tried just about everything/medications,vitamin supplements,CBS like ) constant nerve burning spreading from my chest,breast, (stomach not from gastric reflux ! spine, both sides,thighs,, hip, neck, just about all over my entire body except my feet ! feels like I'm burning inside out ,my diabetes....
  • 3 months ago

    Maybe ms?

    I have tingling in my hands and feet, memory loss, shaky hands, fatigue and vertigo. These symptoms have all started in the last six months. I'm only 26, and have no ms history in my family that I'm aware of but all symptoms point to ms to me? Anyone else have these symptoms and were diagnosed with ms? What treatment do you receive? Or if not, what were you told was wrong of not ms? Thanks on advance!
  • 3 months ago

    MS and being positive for the JC Virus

    MS and being positive for the JC Virus. Looking for information concerning having MS and also being positive for the JC Virus. MPL concerns.
  • 4 months ago

    Right eye very sensitive to light

    I am an MS patient and been dealing with different maladies. I am taking Gilenya for the MS. Just recently my right eye only has become very red, very painful, and very sensitive to light. September of 2018 I had another MRI with contrast. Could that be causing this latest issue? This has been going on since the last MRI. I am desperate for relief.