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  • 9 hours ago

    ATTENTION: WebMD Message Boards to be Discontinued

    After careful consideration we have decided to close our Message Boards on Thursday, July 30. If you would like to save any resources or information that you have stored on the boards, please make sure to copy it before the above date. We thank you for your participation and support through the years, and encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to continue to connect with the WebMD community and get our latest health and wellness information.
  • 3 months ago

    Multiple Sclerosis and OAB

    I would LOVE to find an MS online support group! Seems most support groups are on Facebook, which I don't really want to be on there for many reasons. I have MS, and I was affected quite a bit cognitively, which I don't know anyone affected to this degree, and it's hard to explain to anyone! I also have OAB, and I have tried Botox, and now I'm on the trial neurotransmitter device, because I am so desperate for some sort of quality of life not ruled by my bladder! Again, I know NO....
  • 5 months ago

    Numbness, muscle twitching, and no diagnosis? Read this.

    I felt compelled to write this a year and a half after first experiencing neurological issues because #1, it seems that a lot of folks who have similar undiagnosed conditions simply "disappear" online (hopefully that means they've gotten better), and #2, I am still alive after a year and a half, so my goal is to give hope to anyone who is experiencing similar symptoms and have not had any luck with a diagnosis. First things first. If you have not seen any neurologists, stop reading....
  • 5 months ago


    Hi there I have been having symptons for a couple of years now and the doctors can't seem to figure out exactly what I have. It first started in 2016 when I got a headache that felt like it was cracking my head open, just after the headache started I battled to look at any lights. This got increasingly worse and I started getting a fever. I was exhausted and could not stay awake. About 3 hours later I went to the doctor. They admitted me into hospital straight away suspecting meningitis. I was....
  • 6 months ago

    Respirtech Vest

    Can be used for multiple sclerosis or COPD treatments. I have one to donate. let me know how to proceed.
  • 6 months ago

    Possibly MS?

    Hello. I am having peripheral numbness in both hands and feet. I’m also experiencing blurry vision and double vision and eye pain. I have foot drop as well. I am scheduled for EMG tests in January. My spine is severely deformed so we think it’s coming from that. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • 7 months ago

    Charcot Marie Tooth unknown progression or abnormality

    I've inherited Charcot Marie Tooth and started getting symptoms at 20 with a normal progression for the following ten years. Within the last five months I've had a sudden spike in symptoms that isn't at the normal rate of CMT progression which I feel is outside CMT conditions and unrelated. Everything has affected the right side of my body. Started with numbing of the right side of my face accompanied by slurred speech, later leading to drooling and difficulty swallowing. I have low mobility....
  • 8 months ago

    I've been having symptoms for 8 months

    I'm 28 years old. I started having pains in my legs and arms 8 years ago but the past 8 months have been unbearable. Extremely excruciating pain. It started again as severe migraines like I've never experienced before. I was at the emergency 4 days in a row hooked up to IV and now its pains in my joints my muscles and extremely bad nerve pain. I suffer everyday my whole body face pains body pain everywhere. I get numbness in my fingers in toes all the time with no feeling. I've been to....
  • 8 months ago

    I need help!

    My daughter Mandy is 38 and has MS now for about 15 years. She needs help and I just don't know where to turn anymore. We live in eastern NC and I am trying to find a good, honest, caring , up to date doctor. I have thought about trying to find a doctor in Duke but don't know where to begin. Greenville has a lot of special clinics but don't know if they have anything for MS. Please, if anyone knows or could refer a good doctor, please let me know. Thank you.
  • 8 months ago

    Interactions between Remicade and Cannabis

    Hello, my mother has a rare form of sarcoidosis in her spine. The virus has greatly weakened her ability to use her legs and get around, along with causing great pain. She is currently on a regimen of Remicade infusions, as well as taking Micophenilate. I am very interested in having her try a CBD dominant Cannabis tincture, as I have read that doctors are finding success using CBD to treat inflammation and nerve damage, which she has. I want to make sure that Cannabis won't negatively interact....