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  • Lost, helpless

    Hi. I have had this feeling of emptiness and just like i can't go on for much longer. From the outside i look put together, social and happy. But im not. Every night when i turn off the lights in my room, my true self comes out and i cry and sometimes hurt myself just to feel something and re gain control. I know it is wrong but it just happens. Anyway i needed somewhere to write this out. I have an amazing friend that is always there for me but i don't want to burden her with my feelings....
  • 7 days ago


    I had no friends and no one to talk to before 1 month. I was pretty depressed, still am. So I came to know about a site on internet that lets you make friends. And so I registered there, behavior there was a lot like dating sites. You don't get any replies if you're below average looking and no initial messages if you aren't girl or extremely good-looking. I realized how much looks matter even for having some friend. This is got me even more depressed, I removed my photo and put anime....
  • 7 days ago

    I've been followed for a year

    I've been followed for a year, it started off me sitting at a park, while I was in school. After long I've been getting very ignore and angry from it. Weeks later maybe very few mouths I talk to my mom and she was just completely blind from it. I don't remember the words she told me. Ive drop out of school December 2018, I went to stay with my uncle for 6 weeks I've seen the same thing. I'm back where I'm at a woser life because no one understood from where I was coming from....
  • 10 days ago


    Greetings to whoever is going to read it and i am sorry if i sound dramatic or something. So i'd come to the point, which is not one but many. I am in class 10th, good at my studies but only when i study. I mean in the beginning of this session i.e. in april, i was among the top 10 students in my class. I had been studying in st. mary's school since LkG till my 9th. After that i came to the school i am in presently. I changed my school because 1) i thought i'd be able to focus on my studies....
  • I know the government is watching

    I know this sounds crazy but since I moved from my last location to the new state I live in, I have been being watched. I am scared out of my mind. I have had my life ruined by the government. Every job I have had for over 10 years I have either quit or been fired from. I thought it maybe my brain but I notice people from my past coming to new jobs I get, dressed differently and with new hair styles. I think it maybe the military because I had friends from Turkey when I resided in the other state....
  • 13 days ago

    Everyday life for me

    I suffer from depression, panic/anxiety attacks and I am domestic violence survivor. My depression started back when I was in high school about 16 years old. It started around the time all the bullying by people at school started. It was getting harder for me to cope and make decisions. I was isolating myself from others, sitting in my room when i got home from school and also my grades were slipping cause I was slowly giving up. By the time I started failing all my classes my parents finally noticed....
  • 14 days ago

    Plz help

    I am a women 37 years old and I'm a mother of 9 years old autistic son i am desperately want to quit drinking BUT CANT QUIT my Husband, son , parents, in-laws,and my sister family is ver much suffering from my alcoholic behavior PLZ HELP ME TO GET OUT OF MY ALCOHOLIC PROBLEM
  • 18 days ago

    Depressed and alone

    I don't know where to start. I'm turning 20 and my parent's still control me like I'm 2. No exaggeration. They used to walk up to my high school to walk me. I was never allowed to attend any birthday parties or any events like that. They are protective beyond the word. My father is extremely abusive and has damaged my whole family and now we are toxic ourselves and don't know how to he normal though we like to think we are or pretend we are. I was bullied since I can remember....
  • MMD/Panic attacks/schitzo affective disorder..Help!

    Going on my 3rd month of Mmd. Just got out of the hospital. Totally lost. Any ideas? Emeraldphoenix
  • What is it about Prednisone?

    I have suffered (and I mean suffered horribly) with depression, Post Traumatic Stress, panic disorder and anxiety disorder. I am constantly overwhelmed, and life almost never feels safe for me because I do not feel I am up to it’s tasks by any stretch of imagination. Other effects from these issues are IBS, alergies, and chronic pain. One time I went to the ER with Colitus, and a very kind doctor prescribed Prednisone for me. There are no words to describe all it did for me. It not only helped my....