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  • 5 hours ago


    So, for starters when I was 13 I was diagnosed with major depression tried to kill myself multiple times but unfortunately they were able to save me. I've got 4 kids my eldest is 7 years old, my second is 5 years old, my third is 2 years old, and my fourth is 1 year old. Last month I found out that I'm pregnant again and it made me so freaking sad. I feel like i was carrying the entire world on my back. Before you judge me please know that my eldest and my second child wasn't planned....
  • 2 days ago

    Lost Hope

    I was diagnosed with clinical depression 8 years ago, and major depression a year ago. I’ve had a series of rough life events that I’m sure contributed: alcoholic mother, unfaithful exes, losing religion, having an abortion, etc. In general though, I’ve kept moving along, thinking I’ll feel better when my life was in a better place. I hated college, but eventually graduated. Did a management training program. And eventually left that company for a job in a creative field that I had wanted for a long....
  • Dreaming

    Hello. I have never written on a forum like this. I have been to doctors and I was diagnosed with severe depression.. I am not seeing anyone now or on any meds. I do not drink or take drugs.. well I have always had the feeling like my life is not real.. I am just dreaming.. since my grandmother passed away about 8 years ago it has gotten worse.. life does not feel real and i want to know badly what is after this dream. I know.. i know.. go see a doctor.. get on meds.. :/ but i have trouble seeing....
  • 5 days ago

    Concerned about my girlfriend

    So my girlfriend and I both suffer from traumatic events that has happened to us in our past. Ive been able to kinda move past them and not let them control my everyday life she on the other hand continues to dwell on them which puts her in an extremely dark place everyday. She does nothing at all except stay in the bed and play on her phone She shows no interest in anything or anyone else. What can I do to best assist her in overcoming this?
  • 5 days ago


    Ever feel like your drowning? The world is overloading your plate, and no matter how hard you try its swallowing you whole. Your losing control and losing the people you grew up loving and that by society standards, are supposed to love you back. Lost friends. Lost family. Losing my home. I feel backed into a corner and like I'm losing an uphill battle. I'm drowning. The room is spinning, I have to much anxiety to open up to people. To talk about my problems.
  • 6 days ago

    I don't know if I'm abused or not

    I always feel like no one listens to me, and being a social outcast makes it even harder for people to hear what I have to say. Mom always tells me what to do, and what are my dos and don'ts. I feel like I'm a puppet of hers only, and my cousins feel the same. They neglect our feelings, and are so moody, they are unpredictable. I just want things to stop already. We are planning to run away. Is it a good idea? Am I just overreacting ? I mean, this has been my lifestyle ever since I was a....
  • 16 days ago


    Today I found out that my roommate and that the guy I'm in love with slept together. Each time he came back to me, pretending that nothing happened. I just feel empty, I don't want to feel this pain anymore. I just want everything to stop.
  • 18 days ago

    Suicidal thoughts

    Hello, I don’t know where else to turn. I feel like I can’t talk to anyone I know in real life because they will judge me. The truth is, I’ve had depression for a long time. When I was 13, almost 10 years ago now, I stood on a chair in the balcony of the 11th floor apartment, imagined my death and tried to build up the nerve to jump off. things because more tolerable or I became more numb. But lately I can’t shake off that feeling anymore of wanting to disappear from my life. I’ve been having suicidal....
  • 19 days ago


    Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed by every little thing, I've lost all motivation to do my school work, i always feel this overbearing weight on my chest and I just can't take it anymore. I don't think I'm depressed or anything though. I've been cutting for a while now, i tried to stop but these feelings just get stronger and its such a reliever... Im not sure if I should ask my parents to take me back to the psychologist because the coping methods he gave me aren't....
  • 25 days ago

    My mental health journey

    I've been in foster care since I was 5 , I am now 16, I was abused by my father and so was my mum and brother, I got removed from my family and have been moved from home to home all my life like a recyclable disposable unworthy toy! I feel like I'm unloved because everyone gives up on me and my worst fear is loosing the ones I love and care about* I find it hard to trust and let people in because of this reason. I'm not Ina group home and I don't even know why! Cause I'm unloved....