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  • 14 days ago

    FireFighter Overwhelmed bc of mental illness

    Hello, I'm a firefighter dealing with Bipolar, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Severe panic and anxiety Attacks, Paranoia. Well, earlier today as I showered, I had a horrible experience. As I had soap on my head, I closed my eyes so that the soap wouldn't fall into my eyes. As I closed my eye, the water all of a sudden felt warm. When I opened my eye, everything was blood. The water in the floor was all blood, the water on my body was all blood, and the water falling on me was blood. The water even....
  • 19 days ago

    Do I have Schizophrenia?

    I have been told many times that I'm paranoid and delusional. I have held off seeing a psychiatrist for years. Here's a short list of a few issues I have daily. - I have a hard time showing any emotion with deaths/illness of family members. Even if I feel it inside. But I get teary eyed during sad and happy movies. - My voice in my head narrates almost everything I do. It's my voice but I will hear it in different accents. - People catch me talking to myself aloud and I didn't even....
  • 21 days ago

    A dangerous situation, time is of the essence.

    I’m 23 years old my brother is now 19. My brother has always struggled from depression and anger. He has always been very destructive towards my moms house with holes in the wall from punching and stabbing it. He was kicked out about two years ago because we’ve always somewhat feared him and my mom couldn’t take it anymore. He would collect knives, swords and hatchets from online which made me nervous, so I put a deadbolt on my room door. He has threaten to kill us both on numerous occasions... recently....
  • 1 month ago

    About my brother

    Hey everyone my brother diagnosed with schizophrenia bipolar and some other things I am at loss of what to do for years he's never took medicine he's always just tried to deal with it but it's getting worse and I have no idea what to do it is getting to the point where people are calling the law cuz of his outburst but he is a very good-hearted person it's just when that bipolar stuff kicks in it really kicks in me as his sister I don't know what to do I really don't know....
  • 1 month ago

    Feeling lost and hopeless

    I've seen a doctor about my depression and anxiety. She gave me meds for the depression until I see a psychologist. (Not too sure if they work or not) I tried telling my parents, i think my father unstood but compared me to everyone else. My mom.... well I dont think she cares or think I have a problem. I get no support from my family, it really hurts. I tried talking to my only friend and that didnt help(I ended up blocking them) I'm not looking for someone to understand, just looking for....
  • 1 month ago

    help totally confused could this b real

    i have bipolar depression, ptsd, acute anxiety, suicidal depression, borderline schizophrenia and have the beginning of dementia associated with my Parkinson's disease... i m on medication and so far have been feeling stable as much as life allows... right now i have someone telling me i m hearing her saying things she doesn't say or imagining them... i think i have heard these things... she says i am severely depressed and that is why... that she hasn't said these things. others do not....
  • 2 months ago

    Hey I’m Zoee

    My medication finally works for me it too a couple of months but I made it threw. I take Wellbutrin xl 300- latuda - lexapro my experience with generics was really bad I gained so much weight and my appetite was Threw the roof. Now I don’t have a appetite and I’m in a better mood and don’t stay in the house I love going out doing stuff. I’m more motivated and ready to take on the day. If anybody taking these medications hang in there don’t give up it really pays off.
  • 2 months ago

    My Friend Has Schizophrenia

    A new friend of mine has been suffering with schizophrenia for the past 4 years. Resulted in many many inpatient admissions, non addiction rehab, and non adherance to medication. Its slowly taken away his ability to maintain a good quality of life. He is in his 20’s and I am one of his very few support systems. What can I do to help him? I understand recent discharge from the hospital is a very vulnerable time and I want to approach my support for him the right way. Is is paranoid, poor insight,....
  • 2 months ago

    Hello I’m Zoee I’m 30 years old I been having schizophrenia bipolar type for 30 years.

    My shrink told me to find a message board to try to communicate with some positive ppl about my disorder. Lately I been feeling down because I’m not working and it’s hard when you know you Use To providing for your family and you can’t do anything about it. My mom is doing everything she’s my only Support I felt keeping myself the other day bacasuse it was getting to me but I’m Trying everyday to b positive I take 3 different types of medication I’m trying to let it work and not changing it so if....
  • 2 months ago

    Olanzapine question

    Does Olanzapine cause low sodium levels?