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  • 12 hours ago

    Feeling lost

    I'm sitting here in bed on a gorgeous cruise for my family vacation and all I can do is cry. I've been struggling this past year with every aspect of my life - I'm 2 years post grad, hate the career path my degree has given me, have zero personal relationships (the only one that gave me hope ended a couple of months ago and I can't move past it), my friends are too busy to do much of anything anymore, and I just feel like I have no idea where life could possibly be taking me that....
  • 15 hours ago


    Hi. My named is md. Doctors think am schizophrenic but they're not sure yet. They gave me abilify 10 mg. I stopped using it by myself cuz the side affects r ruining my life. So i talked to a doctor online she told me ur situation could get so much worse. What i should i do??
  • 17 hours ago


    I have been off of this for a while now, and i thought i was feeling better but i guess i was wrong. It always seems to come back when i know I'm feeling better , and the fact that I'm stressing over school doesn't help at all. I tend to keep myself busy and not think about stuff but thats all i think about , i try reading a book but my mind just wanders off. I honestly thought i was so much better but it comes and goes. I honestly don't know what to do , I'm trying my best just....
  • 20 hours ago

    What do you think about Mood Trackers?

    Hi there, I’ve had anxiety for several years, so I made an app ( for myself so I can see whether the things I’ve been trying (meditation, getting more exercise and better sleep, etc.) have been working. It’s kind of like a mood tracker, but it also uses my answers to tell me how my anxiety is progressing or getting worse (asks PHQ-9, GAD-7 at regular intervals). I showed it to a friend struggling with depression who thought it was pretty useful, so I’ve been working on this more and....
  • 1 day ago

    Anxiety and so much more

    Hello, I am not even sure what I am hoping to accomplish by posting here but I have dealt with anxiety the majority of my life. I am hoping at some point I can get the courage to get decent help or gain some tools to get some relief. I need some non judgmental advice and reassurance. I need something. There are several things that trigger my anxiety but after my father had a heart attack and passed away I was able to push my anxieties away for a couple years but after about 6 years (it has been about....
  • 1 day ago

    Friend battling depression

    Hello, I am looking for some help/ advice on how to help a friend that is battling depression. She is a mother of three and I am very worried about her and her children's well being. She told me that she constantly has negative thoughts, always nervous and worried that someone will harm her. I need some help because I'm not really sure how to help her. I have suggested that she talk to her doctor. Can anyone recommend some support hotlines or resources to find local support groups maybe.....
  • Teenage Depression and Anxiety - fear of punishing because they will hurt themselves

    Background: Our daughters depression and anxiety started when she was in the 9 and now is 18. The last couple of years is in a academy where the students are individually tutored. They've kept her schedule light (number of classes) as not to overwhelm her. She has a couple more years before she's finished. The classes are are on-line and she has 6 months to finish from the day she starts at which time she is working with the tutor. The only reason she can go to the academy is because of an....
  • 5 days ago

    Depression a disorder or a disease

    My 70 year old mother recently passed do to liver, kidney and heart conditions brought on by decades of opiate abuse. At her funeral, my father stated that "she died of the disease of depression". In my mind she died of untreated addiction. The depression is just a symptom of the untreated disease of addiction. I too am an addict but have not used in years. I still call myself an addict and have the disease of addiction. Is this thinking of mine correct? If your dog gets run over it can....

  • 6 days ago

    A Life Changing Moment via ... Tramadol

    If you have ever experienced extended periods of difficulty in taking on the day or a general need to drink alcohol to "relax' or deal with life, you may want to read this as my life has changed dramatically. I'm sharing this, not to give advice, but I think it's important to share as I sort through what to do next. When I was younger (ages 15-18 and ages 23-28) I often experienced suicidal feelings. The depth of these issues went away with a spiritual awakening (I won't share....
  • 6 days ago

    Looking for answers

    My wife has suffered from depression from the loss of our second child. It's been 16 years and she had gotten a lot better. Well over 2 months ago through reg blood work results it was found that her creatinine levels were high . Dr had her stop taking biotin and the lvls did drop though only 3 points. Well here is were it gets tricky. Over the past two weeks she has started hearing voices. Nothing regarding hurting anyone are her self. This are more that family members are talking about her....