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  • 5 hours ago

    A dangerous situation, time is of the essence.

    I’m 23 years old my brother is now 19. My brother has always struggled from depression and anger. He has always been very destructive towards my moms house with holes in the wall from punching and stabbing it. He was kicked out about two years ago because we’ve always somewhat feared him and my mom couldn’t take it anymore. He would collect knives, swords and hatchets from online which made me nervous, so I put a deadbolt on my room door. He has threaten to kill us both on numerous occasions... recently....
  • 8 hours ago

    Do I have Schizophrenia?

    I have been told many times that I'm paranoid and delusional. I have held off seeing a psychiatrist for years. Here's a short list of a few issues I have daily. - I have a hard time showing any emotion with deaths/illness of family members. Even if I feel it inside. But I get teary eyed during sad and happy movies. - My voice in my head narrates almost everything I do. It's my voice but I will hear it in different accents. - People catch me talking to myself aloud and I didn't even....
  • 1 day ago

    Hey I’m Zoee

    My medication finally works for me it too a couple of months but I made it threw. I take Wellbutrin xl 300- latuda - lexapro my experience with generics was really bad I gained so much weight and my appetite was Threw the roof. Now I don’t have a appetite and I’m in a better mood and don’t stay in the house I love going out doing stuff. I’m more motivated and ready to take on the day. If anybody taking these medications hang in there don’t give up it really pays off.
  • 7 days ago


    I wonder why, I was given life. Nothing I do seems to turn out right. I wonder why God leaves me here. Is it out of spite? No one can understand what goes on in my head. Living behind a mask. Behind the smile is a frown. I dress myself up hoping no on notices the unhappy me. They'll ask any thoughts or plans. No sir, I'll keep these thoughts in my head. Wishing some sickness will take me away. Trying not to hurt myself everyday. I wonder why.
  • 9 days ago

    I need to know if i have a mental illness

    I have frequent mood swings from extremely hyper giggly and irritable, my friends have described me as acting if I'm on a drug but then the littlest thing will push me over the edge into a quite depressed space. At both these moods, I am in a state of some anxiety, sometimes it is worse than others. I have hard a hard time finishing my school work and my grades have struggled because of it. I've searched bipolar to see if I have that but my moods last for about a couple hours to a couple....
  • 9 days ago

    Hello I’m Zoee I’m 30 years old I been having schizophrenia bipolar type for 30 years.

    My shrink told me to find a message board to try to communicate with some positive ppl about my disorder. Lately I been feeling down because I’m not working and it’s hard when you know you Use To providing for your family and you can’t do anything about it. My mom is doing everything she’s my only Support I felt keeping myself the other day bacasuse it was getting to me but I’m Trying everyday to b positive I take 3 different types of medication I’m trying to let it work and not changing it so if....
  • 9 days ago

    Dealing with undiagnosed bi-polar

    Hello, So some family members and I have deduced that my mother has undiagnosed bi-polar disorder. If I could describe her, it would be narcissistic, and an authoritarian. She has really high, highs. Where she (60 years old) will go clubbing and drinking and smoke with college boys she used to have living with her at her house. Then she’ll have really low, lows of wanting to run away and/or commit suicide when she has a great life. She hasn’t had to work in over 30 years because my dad (yes, they....
  • 29 days ago

    Invega Sustenna injection

    I took 4 shots of Invega over 3 months. I can no longer get high on meth or when I do I'm missing hormones and adrenaline when I do a shot. Can using meth prior to quiting invega 234mg cold turkey mess up the recovery from invega? And will my brain chemistry including nuerons return to it'sstate prior to invega over time? If so how long? I also no longer feel the passion for my music due to invega. Will my brain go back like I never took invega? Will my high go back to the way it was? It....
  • 1 month ago

    Ready to lose my mind

    I have a Temporary Restraining Order on my boyfriend but because his name is first on the lease even though he pays no rent and has no job the landlords are becoming annoying.They said get the TRO and they can remove his name and I did then they changed their story.It was if he goes you guys go. I dont want to live with him and got county housing voucher but they wont change the lease they say I got to let him live with me or get kicked out.I am stressed and dont know what to do.
  • 2 months ago

    Lamictal levels

    Why don't psychiatrists order Lamictal levels for bipolar patients, yet neurologists run them to detect toxicity in patients with epilepsy? I've spoken to several psychiatrists and no one has an answer for me other than "I've never felt the need to order one".