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  • 5 days ago

    Facing Depression since long time

    Hello, I am an over sensitive person. I am facing depression since a long. I started taking lithium, seroxat, zyprexa and tried psychotherapy sessions, and still i get depressed easily. I can provide more information. Can someone help me?
  • 6 days ago

    Can you survive alone

    I live with Bipolar Disorder and anxiety. I dont have any friends or family. I cared for my younger Brother who was a Minister and my best friend and advisor. He was also the only person in the world that loved and encouraged me. He was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and I took care of him in my home until he passed on August 2, 2017. As he got weaker, sicker, the people in the Church, close family members and friends turned on him in the worst way. My heart was broken and I was in shock....
  • 8 days ago


    I feel like crying all the time. I used to cry a lot and now my eyes hurt all the time and the migraine makes it more worse. I don't sleep at all. It's been 4 months and i sleep on alternate days for 2-3 hours and deep down i know i want to sleep. Everything around me angers me so much and i end up digging nails so deep in my palms that sometimes the blood pours out. I don't even think i want someone to help me. It's like i'm just waiting for it all to end. I don't even know....
  • 15 days ago

    Untreated Bipolar

    The following is a quote from Dr. Mark Moronell that I thought was worth posting. "Delaying treatment for symptoms of bipolar disorder can have serious consequences. When bipolar disorder symptoms are untreated, you risk suffering more severe episodes of major depression and hypomania or mania. In addition, there are high death rates from heart disease, stroke and cancer that are associated with untreated bipolar symptoms. People who have untreated bipolar symptoms face compromising their relationships....
  • 15 days ago

    Bipolar aware, and still struggling

    So, idk looking for mental illness disscussions i guess.. i am 30 Y.O. female, diagnosed bipolar with chronic depression, the list goes on and on, in life bcuz of my struggles i have done everything in my power to rebel against my mental illness, im not medicated, and i read alot of mental illness, awareness, and self help books.. im reaching a peak of my illness right now and i just.. dont know where to turn for support. I am on the brink of becoming a mute. A lot of the relationships i have are....
  • 20 days ago

    Frustrated with who I've Become

    I have been living with Bipolar Disorder over 40 yrs. I've recently added anxiety to that list. I was always cool, calm, very friendly. Now i am like a ticking time bomb, very explosive in 0.5 seconds People (especially Customer Service) ticks me off for their rudeness and lack of concern and I usually explode on them and walk out not getting my service I am now on Xanax but still can't adjust to the cruelty I witness today. Is the world changing or is it just me. Not liking myself or other....
  • 21 days ago

    Utah Girl in hell

    I do not know why but I cannot function anymore! I feel like I am in pure hell I wake up in such darkness that my mind is totally blank of positive emotions! I cannot get out of bed just the thought scares me to death! I have no family or friends who care I had a neighbor who helped me all the time and worried about me because I would not leave my apartment for months! Vacations are the worst I never get invited to anything even from my son! I feel their is no hope and I just want to die! I am on....
  • 26 days ago


    I haven't been on this website for over 2 years now, and by the time I was barely 17, and now that I am 19, I have learned a lot from my past and have done mistakes but I manage to keep staying strong and moving forward. As I read my message boards from over 2 years ago, I honestly thought that I had grown and changed for the better, but have I? I have been through worst now and I feel like if I am going back to my old habits... the only thing that keeps me going everyday is honestly myself but....
  • I Feel Like I Have Nothing Left

    I dont know what to do anymore. Speaking to a counselor didn't help, when I reach out to family members their solution is to seek counseling. Every day I feel like I am a failure to my family (wife, kids and parents), a failure to myself and to anyone that knows me. Over the years I have developed the ability to put the happiness of everyone around me first. I have this uncanny ability to hide my pain and hurt from the rest of the world so much so that on the numerous occassions in which I checked....
  • 1 month ago

    What kind of depression?

    I have major depression as part of my bipolar II disorder. I also have gotten situational depression as part of some work problems over an extended period. On top of that, my wife died several months ago. I've heard of "double depression" but never triple depression. Has anyone experienced this type of depression and was able to differentiate which depression is which or how to handle it? It's pretty severe and seems impossible to break out of. Though, I feel like I've made....