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  • 2 hours ago

    I need some help on how to help my girlfriend suffering from SEVERE mental and emotional challenges including PTSD, Major (refractory) Depression, Anxiety, Injurious Picking Disorder, and Chemical Dependency...

    My on again off again girlfriend and best friend in the world suffers from some of most extreme manifestations of non-psychotic mental health issues that one can face. She has undergone everything in her life from the time that she was a child from a domineering and overbearing mother who was unhappy with her own life and ultimately divorced from her husband, my friends birth father, to being the classic female middle child in a three sibling lower middle class household during the 70's/80's....
  • 2 hours ago

    i love a girl who has bf

    Hello!i am 17. here is my story-i was strugling with bad habbit, so i decided to meet new people and make internetfries, i met a girl (15 years old) everything was excelent first,she even gave me her phone number and we chatted in whats app, we had 2 fights but she forgived me and i also did.. we made each other lots of compliments,we liked each other, then we started video chatting and she was very anxious and happy, so was i, and we were telling 1000 complime ts to each other, how cute and pretty....
  • 6 days ago

    Anxiety, stress or what?? Desperate for answers and or opinions

    Since December 2017 I hhave been dealing with a wide variety of symptoms that have plagued me every single day for 8months. Symptoms are heightened anxiety, panic attacks, episodes of racing heart with hypertension, full body aches, epsidoes of extreme cold or feeling feverish, Jitteryness, internal vibrations, tightness in my chest. The worst symptom is a stressful feeling that comes over my body , almost the feeling if you got done doing something strenuous or had a very heated argument with someone....
  • 10 days ago

    My anxiety has gotten to the point of insomnia and dysfunction. What should I do?

    I’ve had anxiety since I got into a traumatic accident when I was little. I broke my arm in three places. I was hospitalized and had surgery done. I suffered with panic attacks that lasted for hours. It felt I was admitted for three days but it was a whole week. After that I suffered with panic attacks outside of the hospital. I could control my anxiety and keep it in check for years. I was fine, up until now. I had a panic attack a month ago and I had to go to the er to calm down. After that day....
  • 11 days ago


    When I get anxious, I don't breathe. And it's not that I can't, I just don't. I have too many things on my mind, too many questions to answer, and just too much to focus on to care or worry about breathing. I remember to breathe when I get suddenly lightheaded, then at that point, my breaths are shallow and make me feel worse. Is this natural? How can I remember to breathe?
  • 13 days ago

    Xanax Xr

    I just wanted to say that I'm taking 1mg of Xanax Xr twice daily and I feel great. It helps with panic attacks and depression. The only bad part is that it wears off while I'm sleeping sometimes and I wake up feeling pretty bad.
  • 17 days ago

    Weird memories that won't stop repeating themselves

    Think of an ear worm (a song that gets stuck in your head) but it's a memory that won't stop replaying itself in my head. This all started a few months ago with a memory from 10+ years ago. I had a crush on a guy in college and finally mustered the courage to send him a love note only to find out he already had a girlfriend. I found out after I sent the love note, anonymously. I felt real bad for sending it. When I came clean to him in an email his brother sent me a few curse word full emails....
  • 17 days ago

    Invega Sustenna injection

    I took 4 shots of Invega over 3 months. I can no longer get high on meth or when I do I'm missing hormones and adrenaline when I do a shot. Can using meth prior to quiting invega 234mg cold turkey mess up the recovery from invega? And will my brain chemistry including nuerons return to it'sstate prior to invega over time? If so how long? I also no longer feel the passion for my music due to invega. Will my brain go back like I never took invega? Will my high go back to the way it was? It....
  • 21 days ago

    side effects

    I was diagnosed with severe depression in feburary and was first put on celexa and seraquil which after about two weeks of pretty severe side efects seemed to help my depression symptoms but then I started having trouble sleeping again which started the depression to spiral again. So last month we changed to Lexipro and Trazadone and the side effects have become almost unbearable. I am tired all the time except bed time. I am almost on the verge of throwing up for most of the morning and by the time....
  • 28 days ago

    Caring for self harm injuries?

    I've recently relapsed and I don't want my parents to find out but I also don't want to stop, and I need a way to clean my cuts and wrap them for overnight so they're covered until they begin to heal without me having to go to a store other than the one close to my dad's house (which is Amish, and they don't have much other than dented food cans, shampoo, candy, and pills). What should I use to clean them with? Can I use a clean strip of fabric from a t-shirt as a wrap? Is....