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  • 10 hours ago

    Depression in later life because abuse in younger life?? Even if you dont think about it?

    Do you think you can suffer from Depression in later life because abuse in younger life?? Even if you dont think about it?
  • 10 hours ago

    Too much info

    I suffer from severe Panic and anxiety. And one of my triggers is reading and learning too much information about, well pretty much anything that worries or scares me. For example I CAN'T read the information packet that comes with your prescription at the pharmacy otherwise I'll think and then make myself have everything on the list. Which actually sucks because I like to learn and want to know certain things about my condition and ways to help and I can't even read about stuff. Is anyone....
  • 4 days ago

    Anyone tried Lexapro for anxiety?

    A couple of weeks ago I started having shortness of breath. I went to my doctor and he said it was anxiety. After this, I started having periods where I was really anxious and nervous for seemingly no reason. Other times I just feel really depressed and it becomes hard to find anything to cheer me up (I’ve been watching a lot of sitcoms and listening to a lot of comedy youtube videos). My doctor prescribed me Lexapro, but I’m really hesitant to take this drug. I’ve read that it makes you really drowsy....
  • 4 days ago

    Depression and Anxiety

    For the past 2ish years now I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety. I’m incredibly sensitive and always anxious. If someone even slightly raises their voice or scolds me, I’m immedialty crying or tearing up. I’ve been abused emotionally by a “friend” of mine before who used to always be angry with me, now she’s incriminating me and has spread a few lies about me. So, I stood up for myself and had confronted her about it and told her to leave me alone. However that didn’t fix the problem....
  • 6 days ago

    lost and sad

    Hi, I am living with depression for about 14 years now. I am medication. Sadness is always with me. I stay around because of my daughter. I have no interests in doing anything. I do not see the reason for doing anything as we are all going to die anyway. This year January I witnessed the death of my step father. It further emphasized that we are nothing. The sadness is now too much and I feel very stuck. I cannot get this feeling to lift. Help!!!!
  • help me

    so I have Anxiety Depression and I feel sad all the time like I cant get out of bed most days I don't seem myself and I have panic attacks constant and I always have to look over my shoulder all the time and I feel like I cant be me anymore and do the stuff I used to love doing I just don't know how I can control my Anxiety and Depression I just don't know what to do
  • 12 days ago


    I am 38 y/o female who is letting my fear of my past hold me back/interfere with my current relationship and it's causing us problems. I was in an abusive relarionship for 19 years where my ex husband left me several times for other women and then decided he wanted me back, he also physically and mentally abused me throughout our relarionship. I was stupid enough to take him each time except for the last time. The man I am with now is incredible and is nothing like my ex husband, but I keep doing....
  • 17 days ago

    Anxiety Paralysis

    I woke up this morning with my arms feeling weird. It felt like I loss control over them.. My arm thing eventually went away, but then it came back with my hands. It feel like I couldn’t move my hands and that went on for a good couple of hours. It went away for a bit, but now it’s back and worse. My neck hurts and my left leg is acting up. My hands are doing the thing. again on top of this. I’m just wondering if anxiety can actually make me feel like I’m slowly becoming paralyzed, or it’s something....
  • 23 days ago

    Severe mental issues

    Hi, a while ago I was diagnosed with depression and social phobia, I've been taking lexapro 20mg, but I've noticed that ( even before treatment) I often don't feel like myself, sometimes I'm told I had a conversation with someone and I can't remember ever having one, other times I feel and I can see myself doing something without actually doing it. Like someone else is controlling my body. Occasionally I can hear people whispering and laughing ( even though it's silent), I....
  • 1 month ago

    An appeal to reason

    I've been trolling this board for a week again and wanted to speak to catseyes. It has been difficult reading many of your responses; particularly those regarding marijuana and other medications. I applaud you for completing the NAMI courses and taking time to educate others, but those courses don't replace medical school. As someone who has covered the Nami information and then some I can say you are wrong on so many levels. Your responses to medications in particular are usually inaccurate....