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  • 2 months ago

    My mom is depressing me or making me crazy

    I’m 30 I moved my mom in around 2 years ago. She has copd smokes is on oxygen and a drug addict. She takes methadone everyday and when moving in all I asked is to keep up on the place. I must mention we live in a 2 bed room apt. It’s not very big. But day in day out she just sleeps only gets up for methadone or bathroom. It’s killing me watching her waste away but she refuses to do anything she won’t go to the doctor. Just last week screaming help after walking to bathroom to per and couldn’t breathe....
  • 3 months ago Naturally HimThe best strategy to find the real serving size is purchase the product. Extra bearings ought to be on the jug. You can by the by converse with some client assistance agent for explanation in the event that they're definitely not.
  • 4 months ago

    Bipolar aware, and still struggling

    So, idk looking for mental illness disscussions i guess.. i am 30 Y.O. female, diagnosed bipolar with chronic depression, the list goes on and on, in life bcuz of my struggles i have done everything in my power to rebel against my mental illness, im not medicated, and i read alot of mental illness, awareness, and self help books.. im reaching a peak of my illness right now and i just.. dont know where to turn for support. I am on the brink of becoming a mute. A lot of the relationships i have are....
  • 5 months ago


    I am recently divorced, 4 yrs but seem like yesterday. Had to move to Fl to be near my kids and life my entire life behind. Every morning I wake up depressed! We were in a car accident and I was ejected and am now on disability. I .myself everyday except for family functions, sometime I don't even do that. I am so confused everyday. What should I do next, I should shower, I should clean house, I should get out more, I should I should and on and on. Tears come sometimes when I don't even realize....
  • 5 months ago

    I'm just tired

    So at 22 I've been suffering with my anxiety and depression for over 8 years, basically most of my life. I never sought professional help mostly due to reasons of my Dad was embarrassed of my mental condition. Partially because he worsened said conditions screaming at me and my sister everytime he was mad which was often. So I am no longer living with my father and I am one month away from my first appointment to seek professional help and I am crumbling. My emotions have completely taken over....
  • 5 months ago


    I am 22 and have been struggling with crippling anxiety and depression for a few years, since my previously abusive relationship. I have past sexual abuse history as well. I struggle on a daily basis to cope with normal life things like going to work, cooking dinner or eating somewhat healthy, or coping at all. I need to work on developing coping skills to use and motivation to utilize them. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • 5 months ago

    I need help, advice, support, literally anything

    Hello. I’m 19 and am desperately in need of mental health help. I’ve suffered from clinical depression my entire life, but recently, I feel like I’ve lost myself completely. Functioning has become an effort. I’m actively researching and thinking of ways to kill myself. I have no family support, and am completely financially on my own. I feel like my life has no point. I don’t want to be here anymore and there’s nothing about my life that is keeping me here. I just want to die and I don’t know how....
  • 5 months ago


    So, for starters when I was 13 I was diagnosed with major depression tried to kill myself multiple times but unfortunately they were able to save me. I've got 4 kids my eldest is 7 years old, my second is 5 years old, my third is 2 years old, and my fourth is 1 year old. Last month I found out that I'm pregnant again and it made me so freaking sad. I feel like i was carrying the entire world on my back. Before you judge me please know that my eldest and my second child wasn't planned....
  • 5 months ago

    Lost Hope

    I was diagnosed with clinical depression 8 years ago, and major depression a year ago. I’ve had a series of rough life events that I’m sure contributed: alcoholic mother, unfaithful exes, losing religion, having an abortion, etc. In general though, I’ve kept moving along, thinking I’ll feel better when my life was in a better place. I hated college, but eventually graduated. Did a management training program. And eventually left that company for a job in a creative field that I had wanted for a long....
  • 6 months ago


    Where to begin, I was molested at the 5 by my grandfather. My parents had vicious fights in front of me and my siblings as far as I can remember which left a lasting impression on me, on top of the physical abuse we also received. I have had 3 nervous breakdown and now I am 43. Been to a handful of therapists who say the same thing to me. "You have been put through hell and you are still with us." I do not do drugs, drink alcohol or smoke, though I wish I did because IT has been a rough....