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  • 5 days ago


    For the last week I have had this constant feeling, its like a complete body tingling and weightlessness. Constantly tired and feeling really off, but what gets me is the tingling and light headedness, my tounge tingles almost all the time and its starting to drive me nuts! Help!!
  • Memory replay

    I keep replaying situations in my head that id rather forget. I know this would be considered normal but im doing it years down the track. It wakes me up in the middle of the night, i daydream about these when im under stress or bored, or alone. They niggle at me constantly. This memory replay easily takes up 70%> of my time. I have no other signs of depression however this causes mild anxiety when having thoughts about similar situations.
  • Disgusted by single hairs

    If i see a hair on my plate or the floor or the bench, i dry-reach until i vomit but only when im hungry or think about food. Even the tiniest tea towel fibre or air particle "floaty" hair causes me to chunder. Im fine with it on my hair brush or in the shower. I even sometimes wear mascara and thouroughly scrub my arms to try to stop any body hair falling out.
  • 7 days ago

    Can Anxiety....?

    I was wondering if anxiety can cause occasional dizziness (when anxious), along with food aversion.
  • 7 days ago

    Short term memory loss, problem leaning new information or remembering details

    I have depression, anxiety and stress. I have problem concentrating, focusing, recalling details and leaning new information. And sometimes my brain becomes blank. For example I was at school, teacher asked me why are you late today? I wanted to replay, but there were nothing in my brain. I kept thinking of finding excuses but I just couldn't even any fake or simple ones. That's the reason I can't go to school anymore, because they ask question and I can't answer, even the simplest....
  • 7 days ago

    Uninvited irritability in Bipolar - triggers. Just sharing

    One thing I don't like about this disease I have of more than 15 years, is the irritability for NO REASON or for a small thing...then one feels so overwhelmed and can even be overwhelmed to a point of crying...LOL! then later in the day, you look back and think?%#$%^ what was THAT now? like you cannot figure out or connect back to those feelings in a rational judgments, Bipolar sometimes makes me think its a crazy disease...anyone can relate? *makes me chuckle sometimes the things my husband....
  • 8 days ago

    Fluoxetine and Withdrawal Symptoms

    I have been on Fluoxetine (20 mg) and for a little over a year and recently went off "cold turkey", all in its been about 4 weeks or so. I work with a therapist regularly and we have been monitoring my mood, feelings, symptoms. Its been about 2 weeks since i have seen her and my feelings have been amped up. Work has been very stressful and this past week was the 10 anniversary of my Mothers passing. I am weepy, slightly anxious, and having a hard time of letting stuff go- slightly obsessing....
  • 9 days ago

    Case of Truman Show delusion - please help.

    This past May, my mother has what we 100% think is the Truman Show delusion. She thinks that we are on a reality television show, and that we are under house arrest, even though we have proved to her multiple times that this is an illusion. She refuses to receive medical help because she thinks that there is nothing wrong with her. She quit her job thinking that she is the wealthiest person alive, and because of this, we need to sell our house, however she refuses to sign. We also think she is bipolar....
  • 9 days ago

    Stress and trauma-induced manic episode without bipolar disorder?

    There seems to be little reliable information online concerning manic episodes without bipolar disorder, so I am hoping that some form of consensus on the subject can be made. There is a lot of detail to cover, but I will try to be as brief as possible: Background facts: 1) Father was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, paranoid-type 27 years ago, a few months prior to my birth; his brother had already been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and committed suicide roughly 20 years ago; their mother....
  • 9 days ago

    Worried about psychiatric meds-combination in high doses

    My brother recently committed suicide after a long battle with bipolar disorder. I went through his home and did an inventory of his current medications. He had been prescribed bupropion (450 mg/day), gabapentin (1800 mg/day), lamotrigine (300 mg/day), lithium (900 mg/day), and sertraline (200 mg/day). All of the medications had been prescribed by the same doctor within three months of his death. He had been feeling unusually tired and disoriented in the weeks before he died. I know some of these....