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    natural antibiotics
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    drinking alcohol
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    My reason is simple, I do it for my health. Health is a priority to me and I want to face the daily challenges of life with the least amount of pain, discomfort and illness as possible. I'm not a machine, I get sick on occasion and I have a history of injuries. I watch television and movies and I'm known to indulge in a meal or snack of the unhealthy variety on occasion. I try to keep my immune system optimal and reduce my risk of injury through strength and flexibility training. https:/....
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    Hi !

    Hi, everyone! I’m 27 years old and I searching for a help. My life in the moment ( from last year) is awful. I broke up with my 7 years relationship last year, I was at hospital because too much stress affected on me, I moved to other county, I haven’t social community yet here, my family has a lot of financial problems, I’m searching for a job right now but it’s very difficult. I’m depressed and my emotional condition starts to be so unpleasant for my and my family also. I’m so nervous, with low....
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    How To Learn Alpha Femme Keto Genix

    Alpha Femme Keto Genix A satisfactory measure of serotonin hormone is adequate for controlling incessant craving which is created by one of its characteristic fixings Fills the body with a high measure of solidarity, stamina and vitality Helps with determining lean shape waistline Elevated up the psychological keenness and diminishes the pressure and sorrow level Alpha Femme Keto Genix Canada gives a superior rest example and furthermore lifts up the certainty level
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    Just Keto France With Keto Slim, you can discharge some put away fat to support your ketone levels. This, thus, will give you some additional vitality to get over that underlying intense stage.
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    Don't understand his thoughts

    He said be with him for couple days. And then he changed his mind for simple reason and he get mad. Just because he saw me talking with my friends (my friend called) and was kind of worry about my kid since I set new new place. And told me to be with him and now he saying leave him " can I get my place back" and "you are nice but I want you to leave". How rude is that! All day he did not even communicate and ask me anything. I felt alone. And when we out for dinner he was kinda....
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    Hi guys um I’m seeking for help I don’t have people to talk to in my family that I trust and I feel like I am getting really sick physically because of my mental state I once attempted and ended up in hospital and um now depression strikes again when I finally think I’m getting better but this time it’s worse I am seeing a therapist and it’s hard for me to tell her somethings about like the hot flashes the collapsing and the insomnia and the thoughts and the to add on to my my suffering I’m Bisexual....
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    Depression is getting worse

    Hi I’m a 20 yr old female so about 6 months ago I got my first panic attack and ever since then my life has gone down hill my depression is so bad cause I feel like my anxiety will never go away and I just want to be semi normal again. Also my mom suffers from depression and she’s never there to talk to cause she just turns every conversation into a convo about herself and I don’t have many friends most of them wouldn’t understand. I’ve been taking cbd oil to help with the anxiety but my depression....
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    Very sad and lonely...

    Divorced since 2017, but been on my own for many years before that. At first it was a relief to be free of a bad marriage and I was excited to date again, maybe find someone special. Fast forward a year and 1/2 later and I find the "over 50" dating scene to be superficial and transitional (i.e., hook-ups). I'm sad most evenings after I've left friends (mostly married) and come home by myself. It's the empty silence that gets to me. It's not having someone put their arm around....