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    I feel like crying all the time. I used to cry a lot and now my eyes hurt all the time and the migraine makes it more worse. I don't sleep at all. It's been 4 months and i sleep on alternate days for 2-3 hours and deep down i know i want to sleep. Everything around me angers me so much and i end up digging nails so deep in my palms that sometimes the blood pours out. I don't even think i want someone to help me. It's like i'm just waiting for it all to end. I don't even know why am i typing all this here. Funny, to think it'll make a difference.


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    RE: Depression

    Hi there, sounds very painful for you lately, huh? Do you have any idea what may have changed in your life to trigger what you are going through? Or maybe a lifetime of things, huh?

    Have you ever considered going to therapy or seen a Psychiatrist to evaluate you and determine if you need to be on medications to help you? Medications can help to the point of being able to start to see some hope, but it's therapy that can really help to effect some real change in your life and improving to where you enjoy your life.

    Therapy is one of those things that sometimes, people will say it doesn't work and usually it's because they expect the therapist to somehow make the change. It doesn't work that way. The one going to therapy is the one who has to do the work or there will be no change, no improvement.

    It's SO worth it, though! When you think about no longer having to be in prison to those things you describe in your post (and I'm sure, more) then don't you think it would be worth the hard work involved?

    You CAN be proactive toward your own healing by seeking out the kind of help you need. Seems to me that you already made the first step! :)

    Do whatever you can to find the right care for you. It won't come to you, but you can do it! Ask for help when you need it - there's no shame in that! You are worth it!

    Hold onto hope!
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    RE: Depression

    I'm so sorry your going through that.
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    Hi there,
    I'm so sorry you've been feeling this way. Life can be rough sometimes, and I know what it's like to feel hopeless. Sometimes it's hard to tell people how you feel in person, so you talk about it online. I completely understand the want to tell someone, anyone, to make yourself feel better. You may think you don't help, but that's just chemicals in your brain talking. Deep down, I'm sure you want all the pain to stop. But there are better ways to go about it. And most of the time, people need help to do that. I would like it you would text me. You don't have to, and you don't have to tell my your name, but I would love it if you would chat with me. Over text if that makes you more comfortable. My phone number is (253)844-6802. I promise, it will get better.