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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Sanni, this is quite strange but I getting more frustrated with my inactivity. You might be wonder why can't you get something doing, here is a short narration of my life. I left my country when I was 21 to study and have a better life, I quite live my life right. But I struggle to cope with a lot of things, inability to continue my education due to lack of fund, anytime I made a significant amount of money, I enrolled in a course but will end up dropping out for not be able to complete my tuition. I became more depress that I can't achieve anything in life. I tried to find a balance not to have this thought in my head. For 9 years I live in this state, but something keep telling me to try new things.
    I got married with 2 beautiful children, but I'm now beating myself up for not able to be a good father and husband to my family. I can't afford to get technical training to kick start my career nor do I have certificate to get a job. I always asked myself "I'm I lazy"? But opportunity is lacking. I love my family, at the same time I need help.


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    Hi Sanni!

    First of all I want to say that you're very courageous to open up in this forum, and I hear you.

    When you said inactivity I thought you meant more like physical inactivity, and I was going to say that you could enroll in a sport you like.

    As to the studies, my advice is that you seek for scholarships, there are tons of options that you can take advantage of, (those who seek, will find).

    Above all, I encourage you to keep a good and positive attitude, the fact that you haven't able to study more does not mean you are a bad father, I've seen illiterate parents who have been heroes for their children because they raised them with principles and values.

    Wish the best luck!

    -LLM :)