• 5 months ago

    I rlly need help before i go to a doctor

    Idk what i have if i even have anything im just always think8ng im not good enough cant go anywere by my self unless i have my husband or one of my kids by me bc i feel like everybody is staring or judging me i have no energy idk or im just lazy i get easly mad and irritated at my kids and husband for little stupid stuff i can cry at the drop of a hat by a song or video or just random thoughts of crap i feel like a crapy mom 24/7 bc i dont ever wanna do anything with my kids besides sit on my couch i never have the energy to do crap around the house i have to force myself to take a shower not that i dont want to just no interest i take one maybe once a week when i do do anything around the house i feel wore out and tired speaking of tired im always tired idc what im doing i can take 5 naos a day if u let me hell i can fall asleep behide the wheel... Idk what to do if i have depression and need meds or if im just a lazy sad sack please give me some answers


  • 5 months ago

    RE: I rlly need help before i go to a doctor

    Me don't care take care of home anymore. Once I will be separate will do take care of my things. And will threw away almost everything.. And I am busy as always today I came home just now at 11 31.

    I do take care me. I just need my sexy body back.. and will do take care my skin dark sport. Already received all product I need.

    You can do the same