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    I need help, advice, support, literally anything

    Hello. I’m 19 and am desperately in need of mental health help. I’ve suffered from clinical depression my entire life, but recently, I feel like I’ve lost myself completely. Functioning has become an effort. I’m actively researching and thinking of ways to kill myself. I have no family support, and am completely financially on my own. I feel like my life has no point. I don’t want to be here anymore and there’s nothing about my life that is keeping me here. I just want to die and I don’t know how to stop myself from hurting. If you have any suggestions or coping mechanisms or advice, I would appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. thank you


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    RE: I need help, advice, support, literally anything

    Hello, I totally understand the way you feel. I used to think very similarly, until I found someone I connected with. I didn't even tell them the way I felt and they were not depressed, but the type of relationship we had and how they made me happy caused me to slowly disconnect myself with those thoughts. I suggest that you find someone to be with, whether it's a friend or a relative, and spend time with them. I know you said you do not have any family support, but speaking out about how you feel to the people closest to you helps a lot. Though, it will definitely be hard, and you will over come that block because you have a desire to live, as you have already come out with this post (and I am proud that you did). If you ever need to talk, you can talk to me, friends, family, or anyone on here.

    One thing I have learned, is that where I always wanted to deal with my emotions and thoughts alone, there is a choice. A choice of whether to deal with it alone, or speaking out which helps yourself and at the same time spreads awareness about depression to people who have no idea what others are going through.
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    RE: I need help, advice, support, literally anything

    Hi emmarb9

    I would check into the hospital and tell them you are suicidal. They have to accept you.

    They will likely refer you to a Psychiatrist once you are out of the hospital and encouraged to get into therapy.

    THe mental health problems that you are experiencing right now is nothing to mess with and something that you would do best to seek professional help! THere is absolutely NO shame in that, but rather the opposite!

    So take care of yourself by getting the professional help that you need! Your life is worth it! I understand that you don't feel that way right now, but that is why you need help before you do something that you won't be around to regret! Killing yourself is not a good option and one that is way bigger than your problems, believe it or not.

    Please, find a therapist you can talk with. One who specializes in depression, and be open and honest with that person! You may need medication as well, as that can help lift you up enough to be able to do therapy with more success.

    There IS hope! I promise you there is! The opposite of despair (what you are feeling) is hope!

    You have a life ahead of you that you don't yet know about, but I hope that you stick around to find out! You could be anything you want, but you need to first get your mental and emotional health under control, which CAN be done! :)

    Hold onto hope!
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    I honestly just skimmed the other replies and sometimes it's not admitting yourself that can provide a solution. I understand that there are and forever will be health care professionals, but that can't always save someone from what's burning within themselves. I, myself, have taken a lot of years to learn what my illnesses are, what kind of treatments, mediations and therapies/counselling serves there are for what I'm diagnosed with and simply learned how to do what needed to be done on my own. I'm not saying that this practice works for everyone and I am defiantly not suggesting it for someone who feels as low as you are. I am simply saying that searching for resources, clinics, doctors, assessment places, treatment facilities can cause a subconscious stress all on its own. Being under that kind of emotional stresss and then searching for a bunch of different things that we know only a few details the doctor has shared with us and not knowing the whole picture can cause a sense of feeling, excuse my terminology, "dumbness" and cause more negative feelings. Maybe just start off small, find at least 1 positive reason why you woke up in the morning, 1 positive reason you are still up at noon and then before bed tell yourself that tomorrow, tomorrow will be yet another day but another day that you WILL survive and you will eventual be able to say that you are alive instead of just surviving. Taking small steps in order to get to the big steps to be able to step out and see the bigger picture is important. Don't forget about the small steps, they are the most important.