• 5 months ago

    Want to get out from everyone upset

    I do not like to see others keep suggesting me about my life. I know what I have to do. Whether or not I will be separate from my marriage life ..it is none of anyone business... I don't need noone advice.. I will be separate soon. It is upsetting me why do I have to be with him if I don't want to. And other one who had me for fun. Please no need to think that I will die if you won't love me... I will have perfect body and mark will remove.. so do not like me .. someone is ready to have me. He just needs to stick with pron I believe.. my life will be lead by me not by ex nor by you.. I have right to do anything I want. Will make 100 BF no one business. He provoked me and he said I provoked him :/ . He provoke me first then I provoke you clear. I do not want to provoke. Already have friends no need to provoke him. And I am adult I have right to do whatever I want. I am upset.