Good day you guys,

    Let's talk about something we all can relate to, fear, pain, trauma, anxiety and bitterness rolled up as one.

    You know want's depression set's in, BOY! does it HURTS! You try to program yourself to believe I refused to let something or someone control my behavior or emotions, but the impact stress has on me; is too damn devastating.

    We tried everything booze, anti-depressant and yes street drugs, and yet sooner or later, our emotional pain surpass our healing process.


    The first thing we can do is ask our Heavenly Creator, grant us the strength to accept what we can not change, and be content on what we can.

    In doing this, we the victims, face reality head on. Once we stop trying to find escape routes for our mental and physical anguish, thru quick fix it solutions/remedies, It will be us not a person place or thing, but us; who will have control of our fate.

    It sounds hard, and in the beginning it is, but eventually; we learn to master our own temperament.

    You see the key to the game is acceptance, once we learn to accept the crisis in our life, not enjoy having it, but realize it's there; the next step is to work around it. Once we master that power, we then develop what is called, THICK SKIN.

    Those of you who choose to follow my lead, drink this.

    Blend together bananas, sweet potatoes, pineapples, ginger spice, gingko biloba Siberian ginseng soy/almond and blueberry/cranberry juice.

    This power drink is considered a euphoria trigger for the brain. What it does is increase your adrenal glands, and stimulate your dopamine glands.

    Have a Blessed Day