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    Fairly certain I'm schizophrenic

    So I know people are going to tell me that It's not likely but hear me out. I've been trying to find a diagnoses for severe hypersomnia for over a year, but my sleep doctors have given up on trying to figure it out and have labeled it Idiopathic hypersomnia, which is just medical jargon for: is sleepy, but we don't know why.
    Figuring that I still need a way forward, because 400mg of modafinil and 30mg of adderral feels like it's doing more damage than helping, I decided to talk to my PCP again.
    So to keep this as short as I can: both my uncle and my father had it, but we didn't talk about it, ever. I have had auditory and visual hallucinations for most of my life, but I always chalked them up to "ghosts" (because that's what my family believed). Now as I'm getting older, I'm finding myself going through bouts of severe irritability, and I'm starting to hallucinate partial conversations with my wife that always lead me to being super angry about things she literally didn't say.
    I just constantly feel like there's something going on in my head. Like a static white noise that makes it so hard to focus on anything at all and then something real breaks my concentration on whatever I'm doing and it makes me so angry. I just need someone I can talk to about this ***.


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    RE: Fairly certain I'm schizophrenic

    Hi Tkostelich

    I mean no offence when I say this, but I assume that you are not a trained doctor, correct? If that be the case, then just like me, you are not qualified to diagnose yourself with something so complicated.

    In your case, the kind of doctor who is most qualified to accurately diagnose you is a Psychiatrist. That and psychotropic medications is specifically what they go to many years of school for. So if a person needs that many years of training before they are qualified to diagnose psychiatric disorders, then for me or you to do the same is quite presumptuous, you know? Again, I mean NO offence to you, I just think that it's important to remember that unless we are trained doctors, how or why do we think we are just as or more qualified than someone who went to at least 8 years of college?

    You may experience some symptoms of Schizophrenia, but a Psychiatrist would know if any of those symptoms could also fit a different diagnosis, or that for it to truly be Schizophrenia, you have to experience (fill in the blank) as well, and without it, it's definitely not Schizo...

    That's part of why it can be SO complicated to diagnose a mental illness, which is why it's best to stick with the one with the training.

    BTW, I'm not saying that the above means that we never get it right when we try to self-diagnose. I'm just saying that it's not usually the best path to go down, most especially with something so complicated.

    I hope that you find a doctor who is qualified to give you an accurate diagnose and then treatment accordingly. You may be Schizophrenic, or you may not be - there are doctors out there who can figure it out.

    Take care
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    RE: Fairly certain I'm schizophrenic

    Hi there, I am available to talk with you. It sounds like there is a generational issue running in the line. It is a simple process to identify where this issue first came into your bloodline and then solve it so that you dont have to live with this for the rest of your life. Areyoustuckyouneedtocontactus.com. Your life has value, you are important and you have a great future ahead of you.
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    RE: Fairly certain I'm schizophrenic

    visual and auditory hallucinations are certainly indicative of schizo, but, as pointed out, also of other maladies. see a gp doc to rule out what can be ruled out, then a psychiatrist. there is no shortcut.