• 17 days ago

    Feeling alone

    I've battled depression all my life, no meds make much difference,and I've lost my therapist of the last 10years to his retirement. I'm lost, I can't find another therapist that takes my insurance. I'm alone, family doesn't understand, no friends..... I don't know what to do..


  • RE: Feeling alone


    Will you do me a favor, find the nearest mirror in your home, and stare at yourself, everyday.

    Do it continually until, you feel something. No matter how long it takes, do it.

    While going thru this process corgijo, drink this.

    Blend together an energy drink consisting of orange juice(100) percent, crushed gingko biloba, energy and Korean ginseng pills. Drink it once a day.

    If you give me a chance corgijo, in following my advice, I think you might be pleased with the results. Keep me updated.

    Good Luck
    Sha, Naturopathic/Sociology student