• 17 days ago

    Psychotic Symptoms in 89 Year Old Mom

    Hoping someone can help me. My mom is 89 and in excellent health. She is very active and keeps her mind young and has never suffered from any mental disorders. About a month ago we began to notice changes in her behavior. She began having episodes where she would display obsessive compulsive behavior for hours at a time. She would also become aggressive and loud, something very uncommon for mom. Over the course of 2-3 weeks, her episodes intensified. She would lay in bed for hours, eyes mostly closed mumbling about seeing dead relatives. She also talked about the world ending violently. When she slips into these episodes, she is frequently tearful and will repeat numbers over and over. She has also developed an extreme hatred and distrust for my father, here husband of 64 years. These episodes last 12 hrs to 2 days. She thinks that these are dreams. A 7-day hospital stay and extensive testing revealed nothing. Her neurologist and a psychologist have observed her and are unable to give us answers. We are moving her to a skilled nursing facility as she cannot function at home and now needs PT and treatment for this condition. The problem is, we still don't know what she has. Please provide next steps or what we should do next.