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    so i'm gonna make this quick. i wasn't always like this i was a normal kid until my brother sexually assaulted me when i was five until about the third grade when i had figured out what had been happening and i told my parents about it. not too long after my court case with that had been finished my mother left me and my brothers for some other man and left my father broken, he had delt with her cheating and using him my entire childhood but this one hurt the most because she left out of state and lied to him yet posted on facebook about it without blocking him. my mother was always mentally abusive to many people, she was bi polar and never took her meds because she thought she was too good for them which ended up making me and my brothers resent her more. i'm the youngest so i didn't go through the half of what my other two brothers did. she constantly tries to contact us even after us blocking her and showing her why we chose to not to be with her. i never became suicidal until my summer before 6th grade where the man that hero "saved me" pushed me over the edge and i tried to kill myself in the shower before my step brothers foot ball game. i never knew how to deal with any of this and i thought that was my way out and thats when i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. thing have been ok since then and i've gone to a therapist but i hate being sad and not being able to fix it, i hate watching everyone around my live their life and get into relationships and i'm alone not able to feel or move or anything because of this. i don't know how to fix this. i want to fix this. i feel so alone, i don't find enjoyment in things i did before. i need something new in my life but what is there? sometimes i feel invisible or like no one can see me and everyone's moving around me but i'm frozen in time. i hate this, i hate myself. i just want to feel again, i want to feel happy again. i wanna remember the excitement i had when i started new adventures but i can't and i feel so alone in this and i guess that's why i'm here. so maybe one person could connect with me and i'm not so lonely but even this feels stupid and like nothing is happening but yeah that's me i guess


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