• 22 days ago

    I Think I' m Feeling Depressed Lately

    So I moved with my sister to a big city, so I had to adjust. This was a contributing factor as I am always feeling homesick. Also, I've been told by my sister that my mother hates me around on our house way back on the town. Also, my sister said that she understands my mom's concern. I feel like I'm wanted by nobody. I have nowhere else to go. School is very hard for me due to group projects. I don't like going to the apartment in the city. I want to go home. Recently, I'm watching some news about tragedies like boat sinkings, etc. And thinking how I could have just died and trade their lives for me after seeing their last words. I'm not worthy of this earth and of my life. I don't value my life, and I hope that someone could just have lived rather than me. Thank you.


  • 19 days ago

    RE: I Think I' m Feeling Depressed Lately

    Hi there, your life does have value, you are valued and appreciated even though it may not seem that way. You are not alone, we all have things that have plagued us and caused us to think about whether or not be should have lived or died. But there is a solution to how you feel and a very simple one at that. Many of our present challenges stem from our childhood. So we take care of the underlying issue from the childhood and the present day issue is solved. Please contact us we would like to help you live your best life now. Areyoustuckyouneedtocontactus.com