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    Where to begin, I was molested at the 5 by my grandfather. My parents had vicious fights in front of me and my siblings as far as I can remember which left a lasting impression on me, on top of the physical abuse we also received. I have had 3 nervous breakdown and now I am 43. Been to a handful of therapists who say the same thing to me. "You have been put through hell and you are still with us." I do not do drugs, drink alcohol or smoke, though I wish I did because IT has been a rough road. I have had serious anger issue which has ruined my first marriage and I am now trying to fix my current one. on top of that and am currently unemployed. I wish I was joking. I feel I have hit rock bottom. I am soo tired of fighting this battle and I feel like I am losing this one. If you think I am going to end it, you are wrong. I feel like I am broken, Everything I touch goes to *** I feel sometimes. I know the grass is always greener but there is so much a person's mind and soul can take before it just gives up the fight. But I am tough and know it can only get better, I just wanted to get this off my chest. Some days are rough but I am taking it one day at a time.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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    Hi Axel48088

    I'm so sorry for the trauma you went through as a child! No one should ever have to go through that, and I'm sorry you did! :(

    I'm also sorry that you've seen several therapists who obviously were not qualified to do their job! I imagine it would be hard given the bad experience you've had with therapists, but I would encourage you to keep looking! There are fantastic therapists out there who know what they're doing, but mostly, they have tons of love and compassion to go along with thier training! When given the right therapist, so much needed healing can be done, and I wish that for you!

    You don't have to just get by or continue to have the effects of your childhood have such control over you, your moods, and emotions.

    I would (as I say again) highly recommend that you search for a therapist - a qualified one - one that you like and connect with. Sometimes it takes just one session to know a therapist is not going to work, but it oftentimes takes more than 1 or 2 to know if they will work.

    Most therapists will offer a free consultation appointment to talk with them and ask questions to see if they are qualified with what you need. One thing for sure is you would need a therapist who is qualified to work with childhood abuse issues - that's a must for you.

    This is a chance for you to nurture yourself by seeing a professional who can help facilitate healing the many wounds that you have! Do this for you! You deserve it!

    Good for you for being strong and not letting any of what you've gone through make you quit! You are strong and brave!

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    RE: Broken

    Sorry for all this. Hope you will be okay
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    RE: Broken

    Hi , there is hope and the grass is greener on this side. The reason you are battling what you are going through is because of all the trauma you experienced in your childhood. Once the trauma gets resolved and your heart is healed from all the wounds, you will be able to function and thrive. Please contact us we would love to work with you. Areyoustuckyouneedtocontactus.com