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    Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed by every little thing, I've lost all motivation to do my school work, i always feel this overbearing weight on my chest and I just can't take it anymore. I don't think I'm depressed or anything though. I've been cutting for a while now, i tried to stop but these feelings just get stronger and its such a reliever... Im not sure if I should ask my parents to take me back to the psychologist because the coping methods he gave me aren't working anymore or just hope that it goes away...


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    RE: Help?

    Hi, I think that you should definitely talk with your parents about this because it's clear that something is going on. There doesn't need to be a label on your behaviors to address them. I think that therapy would do you worlds of good to sort through your feelings and what's behind your desire to self-harm and to learn strategies to keep you from going through with self-harming behavior.

    Also, depression doesn't always have to "look" like depression. I have experienced depression at times to where I don't even feel depressed at the time (sometimes) but the symptoms are definitely there.

    You said that you've lost your motivation to do your school work; you always feel a heavy weight on your chest that you can't take anymore; you've been cutting........and who knows what else. Those things alone sound like symptoms of depression.

    Regardless, you would have to agree that it's not healthy or something you enjoy, right? So why not go to the kind of specialist who can help treat what you are going through?

    Maybe it would be a good thing for you to spend more time with your therapist - not just until you feel fine - but until you get consistently stronger and better able to handle what life brings to you, huh? There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! In fact, if truth be known, I believe that everyone could benefit from a therapist - not just those who have a mental illness! A therapist job is to help is to live our lives in the best possible way, and to learn the kinds of tools that help get us there. It can take longer for some folks than others, and some may need the help for longer periods of time, and still for others it is harder for others because of the trauma in their past (and sometimes, present), but everyone can benefit as long as they put in the work and don't expect the therapist to do it - and realize that what they learn has to be applied to their lives to have any impact.

    So, yes! Please talk with your parents and ask if you could go back to see your therapist (but only IF you like him/her!) it's near impossible to work with a therapist that you don't like, and if that's the case for you, then ask to see someone new. But if not, by all means go back to him/her and let him/her what is going on with you and that you need help. This is nothing to try to just wait out, you know? Chances are high that if left untreated, it will only get worse, and you don't want that!

    Good for you for reaching out! Now continue to reach out to your parents until you get the help that you need! Get the help while you are young so that you don't have to get to 40, 50, or 60, years old, unable to function very well because your mental health got worse! YOu CAN have power of this! Hard work, yes, but it can be done!

    Be your best advocate!

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    RE: Help?

    Hi there, the reason why you feel this way and why you are cutting is because you have experienced some type of trauma in your life, probably early childhood. There is a simple way to get the trauma resolved so that you can stop cutting and wake up experiencing joy on a daily basis. Not that there wont ever be challenges but there is a place of peace you can have where no matter what you face you can ride the storm. Contact us we would love to help you. Areyoustuckyouneedtocontactus.com