• 26 days ago

    What is his problem?

    He always think about me negatively. Avoid me sometimes. I do not want to see him be negative toward me. If he doesn't want to talk do not talk then. No more communication he wants then will do no communicate. Be happy with his others then..


  • 26 days ago

    RE: What is his problem?

    Hi, if whoever "he" is, is unwilling to talk with you other than being negative, then you need to ask yourself why it's good for you to continue a relationship with him? If he is a friend, then what kind of friend behaves like what you said? If he's a boyfriend, then is his behavior something you are willing to accept and want in a relationship? If not, then why stay with someone who treats you in a way that is obviously not healthy?

    Think about it and decide if this relationship with "him" is what you want and what you like, and if it is, ask yourself why, if he's always so negative about you. Sounds more like your issue than his, you know?

    Take care of yourself!