• 1 month ago

    Will it increase my insurance costs if I admit to my doctor I'm an alcoholic?

    I’m an alcoholic and suffer from depression. The depression has gotten worse over the last several years. I have never taken medication for it.
    I realize it’s a cycle. I often get sober for months, and then see no reason to get help for drinking, as I’m much more positive, active, and accomplish a lot. But inevitably it falls apart again.
    I would like to talk to my doctor about treatment. I’m mainly interested in trying out some medication for depression and doing therapy.
    But I fear that if I tell my doctor that I’m an alcoholic, it will “stigmatize” me (end up on my record for life and make it harder to get new insurance) and increase my insurance costs (and I am in financial troubles as it is).
    Someone told me that a doctor would be obligated to make a record of my alcoholism, whereas a therapist would have to keep it confidential. Basically, I was advised “don’t tell the doctor, just tell the therapist”.
    I live in Massachusetts btw. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.
    La Vida